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A Internet Home Business – It’s a difficult ride if you want to work from home and yet, the most important people in your life could be against the work at home concept. It’s a dream to you but it can be a nightmare for people who care for you.

how to work from home The whole idea of not having a stable income makes them worry about you, so, don’t blame them. For all you know, you’re terribly confident that your plan will work and you know you can commit to your new work at home business.  You know that, but THEY don’t.

Convincing Family Members You Want To Work From Home

The first step you will need to take to help your family members accept your work at home decision is to understand how they feel. I know, I know, this is a time when you want others to understand you and accept your decision.

You’re tired of working for someone else.  Tired of building work at home as your own bosssomeone else’s dream. Want to have the freedom of spending time with your family and friends.  Lounging around in the office day in and day out. And here I am, telling you that you should understand the very people who are opposing you?

This is not a secret but think of it like some kind of areverse psychology meaning psychological plan. Ever heard of the term ‘reverse psychology’? Ok, you’re required to use this and let me tell you this…it works like a charm! If you do this right, you will convince your family members that working at home is the best option for you.

Say things like, ‘I know you care for me, love me and want what is best for me….’, ‘I understand what you’re saying…’, or ‘You’re absolutely right in saying that, I can’t say you’re wrong’. When you’re talking to them in a non-attack way, they will back down and bring down their fences.

This is an amazing way to help your family members accept your work-at-home decision. It’s true, when I first started my own parents were not to keen on me wasting my degree to start a work at home business either.  To them, I would be wasting my degree, wasting my talents and wasting my energy. And they didn’t want to see me suffer, be disappointed and face financial problems. Being parents, they wanted what is best for me and in their eyes, working at home is NOT the best moneymaking opportunity.

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Over the years, I have finally opened my parents’ eyes to the working at home concept. They finally accepted it that I communicate with clients from all over the world and that I am being paid for the work that I do and that my income is comfortable.  I was also happy in my work at home venture.  I wasn’t working for someone else anymore.  I wasn’t making someone else rich.

As for the spouse, this is a little bit trickier. You see, in 2-income families, if one person wants to start working from home, the other spouse would have to be prepared to give up more of his or her income to cover for the stuff that is supposed to be covered by the now-working-at-home spouse. At least during the first few months of the business, that is.

I mean, for 3 to 6 months after working from home, you’llhow to make money from home have to expect to dig into your savings or the spouse would have to cover for expenses, so, naturally, he or she would be a little bit disgruntled with the fact. They’re not being selfish – they’re trying to deal with you breaking out of the comfort zone. Everyone, including you, hates that. So, don’t expect your spouse to welcome the idea of working from home with wide open arms. There’s bound to be some scepticism.

And scepticism from your loved ones is good too because it will keep you on your toes and you’re feet remains firmly planted on the ground. So, the best thing to do with your spouse is to discuss the idea with him or her, sit down and plan the finances.

For example, dig into your savings to cover for contribution to expenses, working part-time, telecommuting, cut down on expenses, selling the extra car, re-mortgage, etc.

Find a way and a plan to ease the discomfort for your spouse. Make sure he or she has nothing to complain about your working at home decision. It’s incredibly difficult to accept, trust me, if you’re not the one who wants to work from home. If you’re on the other side of the fence, everything looks so bleak and uncertain.

Break through their barrier not with force, but with gentle compromising and understanding. Then, you’ll get their full support for your work at home business.

To carry on with this article into another area of the family member who wants to start up a home business.  How do they or will they cope working at home when there are children involved?

Coping As A Work At Home Parent

work at home businessAny parent who has attempted to focus on a task while also taking care of children knows how challenging it can be. For many work from home parents that challenge is a part of their every day life.

Unless you are independently wealthy or have a very successful spouse then every parent must face an important decision.  That is, whether to work outside the home or to work from home.

Many people choose the traditional option of working outside the home.  They find themselves spending far too much time away from their children.  They have to juggle daycare and health issues while still trying to get ahead in their chosen profession.

Other parents choose the less traditional path of workingHow To Work At Home Jobs from home. While they are not subject to problems with daycare or a child’s illness, they do struggle with a different sort of problem balancing home and work time.

Any parent who has attempted to focus on a task while also taking care of children knows how challenging it can be. For many work from home parents that challenge is a part of their every day life.

So how do work from home parents find the right balance that allows them to be productive workers while also being good primary caregivers?

The first thing you need to do is work out a priority list for the tasks you want to accomplish for the week. It is better to plan conservatively for a week because sometimes unexpected events can derail a day here and there in even the best run homes.

Now go back over the list and highlight the items that need your full concentration. For example, something you cannot do while reassembling a transformer.

Your next step will be working out two schedules. The first will cover your child’s day. I don’t mean that you need to plan out every minute but perhaps give a general outline in half hour chunks. Try to strike a balance between activities that involve high-level parenting and low-level parenting.

For example, when a child first wakes up they might not be hungry and doesn’t really want much from you. They are content to watch a little TV as they fully wake up. This is a time of low-level parenting as you’re nearby but as they don’t require much from you then you am free to work.

After they are fully awake you switch into high-parentinghow to make money at home for mode. They want to be fed and they are ready to play. At this point you can spend time interacting with them, perhaps helping them set up art supplies or setting out a variety of toys.

Once they are fully engaged in their activity you then have aworking to your home business schedule small window of time to focus on your own projects. They are well able to entertain themselves.  Perhaps they like to share their games and art projects with you.  This means that while you can work you certainly cannot get anything done that requires a high level of concentration.

Then it is time for high-level parenting again as you prepare lunch and then spend some time reading. When children are very young this would then lead to a nap and you could have an hour or two of prime work time.

After this break you switch back into high-level parenting make money from homemode again. You can play a game, go for a walk, or visit the park. In the summer this is the time you can go to the community pool. Children will understand that this time is their reward for letting you get some work done earlier in the day.  They will also understand this is your way of letting them know that they are important to you.

When my own kids were young some evenings I would get some more time to work after we had some family time. My spouse would spend some one-on-one time with the kids and take care of bath and other bedtime preparations.

In this way I managed to operate a profitable internet business while also serving as the primary caregiver for my preschool children.  You might be working the equivalent of a 40-hour work week.  But concentrating on accomplishing small tasks throughout the day you can manage to meet all your priorities and then some.

I want to also share a few additional tips about balancing your work and your family at home.

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  1. Teach your child to be independent. If they are not very young then teach them to dress themselves and perhaps prepare a snack. They may not be wearing the clothes you would have chosen but then they did save you time and who else will see them wearing that odd ensemble?
  2. Teach your child to be responsible. Put your child in charge of picking up their toys and putting them away. Not only will this make your life easier later when you need to take care of household chores but it can buy you some time to get work done.
  3. Set up a play date. I have learned that play dates are a win-win for me as a work-at-home parent. It is actually easier to keep two four-year-olds entertained as they tend to entertain each other and when it is time to reciprocate I get hours of free time to concentrate on my work.
  4. Check out community activities. Does your library offer a story hour for children? This offers you the opportunity keeping kids occupiedto do some research in the library, make notes for upcoming projects, or even log onto the internet. Children love visiting the library and you can go one other day of the week and they will play, work on puzzles, and look at books while you can get some work done nearby. Similarly you can take a laptop or a notebook to the park while they play on the playground
  5. Finally, you and your family will need to learn patience and understanding. You need to understand that your work will have to get accomplished in small chunks. Your child needs to learn that while they are your top priority that doesn’t mean their sudden need for juice takes precedence over all else. Your entire family needs to learn that housework comes third on the list of priorities.  This means that if the whole family contributed to the mess then the whole family can contribute to the cleanup.

On that note I will finish.

If you are thinking about working from home then can I suggest you take a look at the company I’ve been with for four years.  They will get you setup and it wont cost you anything.  They will even throw in 2 free websites you can build out into a thriving home business.

working at home jobs Click on the image to the right or below and you are taken to a web page with lots of information.

If you do decide to join then get in touch with me and I will help you all I can.

To your eventual success and financial independence.

Have a great day folks.

Robert Allan

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2 thoughts on “a internet home business

  1. Hi Stephen and thank you for your comment.

    Working from home is not to everyone’s taste and mainly because there wont be a return on your investment right away such as starting a new job and getting paid at the end of the month.

    Running a home business takes time to build into a going concern much like a bricks and mortar one does.

    Then of course there is the other family members to take into consideration

    If the wife/husband has to continue bringing in a wage while the other one works from home there has to be time for children and especially pre-school age children.

    They have to be cared for.

    Usually caring for children at home is a full time job in itself so a schedule and time table have to be created so that you can get work done and cater to the children’s needs as well.

    It can be done, but needs a lot of thinking through before you have something that works for all concerned.

    Once the home business starts to show profit then of course you would have more free time as a lot of work can be put on automatic.

    Until that happy day arrives I’m afraid you would have several balls in the air at once and you can’t drop any of them.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and please do come again.


    Robert Allan

  2. Hello Robert,

    This is a very great article and very informative. I personally like the idea of working at home for myself and not for anyone else.

    It is very tiring having to wake up very early and rushing to work for so many hours for the so called boss in the office.

    Of course family members will surely be concerned if you should quit a job and try to work from home. But the truth is that if you remain focused and committed and really want to achieve something, then surely you will see success. And once there is success all those who may initially not like the idea of working from home will now start to smile.

    For sure it takes time to see success. But surely its very possible to see success if you do not give up.

    Thanks for sharing this encouraging information with me.

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