Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Marketing Mistakes That First Time Affiliate Marketers Make

Do you often wake up in the middle of the night saying to yourself that affiliate marketing is not worth the time and effort?

Good content takes time to write, you have to create or find those great images and your social networks need to be managed.  The sad truth is, it is often not done or persisted with by most affiliates who are new to marketing online because there are no apparent quick rewards.  This is where the tortoise can beat the hare by slow persistence.  You must look on affiliate marketing as a marathon not a sprint.

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having great content on your website builds credibility and trust  with your visitors

One way of thinking about affiliate marketing is that you are building an audience before you need them. Great content on your website builds credibility, trust and followers over time. This earns you the right to then sell them on what you’re promoting later on down the track.

When internet marketing and social media emerged there were no tools. Today we have so many technology tools that it’s overwhelming.

The real benefit with marketing tools is that you can start to scale your efforts. It was something I myself realized with Twitter and Facebook early on. Last year I started to use one online platform that saved me hours of work a month and it still does today.

Below are eight marketing mistakes that I believe many first time affiliate marketers are making?

1.  Not enough automation

Social Media purists will tell you that automating in social media to promote what you put on your website is a crime worthy of naming and shaming. It’s declared not to be social.  But my thinking is, this is stupid and very short-sighted.  There are some things that you should not automate as well, so beware.


In the past affiliate marketing was a creative pursuit.

The art of the headline  –  copy writing and producing engaging Ads.  Now-a-days affiliate marketing is an art and a science.

The Art  –  Copy and creative

The science  –  Technology and the analytics

affiliate marketing is an art and a science so you should always take website analytics into consideration

Social media and digital marketing is made up of many moving parts

Email marketing

Website marketingto survive in a digital marketing world requires technology and also demands you use efficient marketing tools



Google Adwordsaffiliate marketers must utilize a wide variety of advertising methods with social media sites

Paid social media ads

And a whole lot more.

To be efficient and just to survive in a digital marketing world requires tools and also demands technology.

What has made this technology possible?

High speed wireless Internet, social networks and smart phones with cameras. Automation also allows you to do social and content marketing on a greater scale.

2.  Not optimizing for search engines

use all the search engine processes in your online marketing efforts

Content that is just optimized for search engines is like eating sawdust.

This used to happen quite a lot when key word stuffing was part of the SEO experts toolkit. Google soon put a stop to that practice.

But on the other hand not including SEO in your content tactics is just leaving a lot of traffic, and money on the table. I made this mistake when I first started. Today before I publish every post or page I make sure that it has been written not only to engage and capture a visitors attention but it has also been designed to capture Google’s attention.

So you have to find the keyword phrases you want to rank for and start optimizing your website’s content today. If you get it right over 50% of your traffic will come for free from ranking high in Google.

3.  Not advertising your content intensive enough

there are many distribution channels an affiliate marketer can use for product promotions

Build it and they will come is not a sensible approach, and doesn’t really work any more.

Affiliate Marketing with your own website means Content Marketing and that includes two words. There is so much great content that is just lying behind a wall of online noise. You need to break through.

How do you do that?

One tweet is not enough. A single post on Facebook is a waste of time. And one email a month is not going to cut it. Just earning attention is now a challenge.

Great Content promotion involves but is not limited to:

great content promotion involves the use of many forms of online advertising including all the social media channels

Creating visual content

It means emailing that content.

A multichannel strategy on social media

Repeated promotions

Re-purposing text content into various media

Building relationships with site visitors

4.  Not enough work on headlines

list headlines are a great way to advertize how much is on offer to website visitors via their search terms

list headlines are great for advertizing how many




List headlines are everywhere, and usually look like this:

10 Simple ways to earn money from the internet

5 Foods you must not eat to lose weight

Things you must do before buying a house

The lists go on and on and on.

A recent study I read stated that over a period of 6 months and thousands of articles, looked at 5 different types of content and guess which of the five types worked best? You guessed it. Listicles.  Is that not the most stupid word?

So why?

Plain and simple, they work! If they didn’t then top media sites and blogs would stop using them.

But that study revealed something else.

The power of using strong visuals that begs to be shared. If you take a closer look at the technology used on the most successful marketing sites each image has sharing buttons. So they not only share the post but share each image.  Why are we not doing this on our own sites?

5.  Poor quality content

I know told you before that you needed to optimize for search. But if that is all you do and your content is designed only for search then people will leave after only a few seconds.

visitors to your website will leave after just a few seconds if your site contains poor content that doesnt hold their attention

Content that is conversational and creative will keep visitors on your site and they will come back.

How would you define great quality content?  Here are some simple tips:

Write introductions that engage your audience within seconds

Keep it simple because articles should be written in such a way that everyone can understand

Good grammar and spellingcontent is king so always strive to create it for your website

Write in a conversational manner.  People like to read articles that are written like we speak

Your content solves problems, inspires, entertains

6.  Not owning your online content distribution

There are 3 ways to bring traffic to your website. Pay for it, earn it or own it.

website traffic can be sourced from many different areas of the world wide web

  1. Paid traffic

PPC (Pay per click) such as Google Adwords

Banner ads


  1. Earned traffic

This takes time to earn

Organic traffic that comes from ranking high in a Google search

Traffic from your social media followers

Referral traffic (backlinks) from people linking to your website and blog

  1. Email List

This can be done by converting traffic through a call to action such as a webinar, ebook or content that requires registering or subscribing via an email.

email marketing to your list is a great way to get traffic to your site

With your email list you can reach your customers when you want to and not at the mercy of Google algorithms!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small blogger or a big brand. The money is still in your email list.

7.  Not thinking like a publisher

All of us need to think like publishers. A website owner who isn’t updating content on a regular basis will not be crawled by Google’s search engine spider.

affiliate marketers need to think like publishers and update their sites content on a regular basis

You will not earn authority on search engines. People will not follow you if your content is poor, or persistent.

8.  Not paying attention to analytics and conversions

All affiliate/internet marketers have two problems to solve and overcome.

website owners should always pay attention to their sites analytic data

Traffic and Conversions

Affiliate Marketers can sometimes become obsessed with traffic and social sharing and miss out on what is really important.

analytics and conversion rates wotk hand in hand to make commissions for the savvy marketer

Converting traffic into leads and customers

This means you need to move from the nice headline metrics to hard core numbers. These include clicks, opt-ins and earnings per click (EPC).

My last piece of advice is this.

Maybe it’s time you started looking more closely at the metrics that matter and start optimizing that traffic into paying customers?

If you don’t know a great deal yet about affiliate or internet marketing perhaps its time you looked at some training options to get you up to speed on how you can earn an income from home or indeed own and run your own online business from home.

To get this training its always a good idea to go for the best and the number one place to go on the internet today is Wealthy Affiliate (checkout the reviews).

online training can get you up to speed on how you can earn an income from home

This is an online company with a training program that is second to none.  After you join (for free) you will have access to:

Five hundred plus training video’s covering every aspect of marketing.

Online Classrooms


Online Live Chat

A Keyword Tool

24/7 Support

Website Builder

Instant Messaging Between Members and the Owners.

There’s a lot more but I’m leaving the best till last.

You will receive two free websites that will be hosted for you on Wealthy Affiliate’s Cloud Hosting Service free of charge.

get free website with free hosting with wealthy affiliate

This is a great deal.  I know because I joined, and I started to build this site you’re on right now almost as soon as I joined and now all I need to do is add content to it on a regular basis.

As I said you join for free and if you want to upgrade then you can and this will only cost you about 66 cents a day so its really a no brainer folks.  But you don’t have to upgrade if you don’t want to.  You can stay as a free member with your two free websites but in all fairness to you I have to tell you that if you did upgrade you would not get two free websites.

No!  You would get twenty five websites and they would not cost you a penny and all off them would be hosted for you free of charge.

The decision is yours, but I have to say you would not be doing yourself any favors if you pass up this amazing opportunity to run your own online business from home.

Before you decide and if you have the time could you leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this article.

You have read this far so I have to think you are interested in online opportunities that will give you an income from the internet.  If you are then click on the image below and you’re on your way to doing just that and I will be waiting for you on the inside ready and willing to help you all I can to get you started.

I can’t say fairer than that.  Thank you for reading my article.

Robert Allanearn and income from running your own online business from home with wealthy affiliate

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