Top Tips To Improve Affiliate Marketing Website Usability

#How To Create Top Quality New Layouts When Using Website Templates

Top Tips To Improve Affiliate Marketing Website Usability – Website templates are very affordable and they save you a lot of effort and time.  However when people want to create a new layout for your website a lot of them make mistakes.  This is in the process of choosing and using a web template.  They usually end up with something that was unlike the image they had in mind. Here are some guidelines to help you avoid those mistakes.

#Use Unique Website Design To Add Credibility:

The first obvious mistake yokeep your visitors with a user friendly websiteu should be aware of is using a template that is very popular. If many people use the same template, your website will not appear unique at all and your credibility as a solid, different website will be tarnished. In other words, you will appear to be the same as all the other marketers. Usability is the key here so think about what you are selling or promoting or selling on your website.

website usability - the basics.jpg

To whole point of using a web template is to save time and effort. You just change the title and appropriate details and you’re done. The biggest mistake one makes is to customize the template beyond recognition. While that may be good in the sense that you’re creating a unique graphic, you’re defying the very purpose of using a web template – saving time and effort.

However, on the opposite side, if a template you purchase is suitable but some changes must be made to suit your site’s theme, then you will have to take some time to make the changes. For example, you can find a very nice template that suits your hobby site except the original designer has put an image of stamps in the header. You can find images of garden plants and spades to replace the stamps for your gardening hobby site. However, only make the necessary changes and don’t redesign the whole template.

In some circumstances, some people simply make the wrong choice of templates. This is a very subjective issue but you have to be careful in selecting templates to suit your audience. Do not choose templates just because they are nice to look at.  Choose them because they serve your purpose.

#Why You Should Use Top Quality Graphic Templates

When it comes to graphics, most Internet marketers shy away from using graphic templates whether it’s eBook covers, website layouts or promotional banners because they firmly believe that by using graphic templates, they are tarnishing their own business. They want to own a unique identity and hence will always find a professional graphic designer to do the job. Well, you’re in for a big surprise!

quality templates are a must have

When you purchase a graphic template, you will be able to customize it to an extent or even build a totally new design based on it! What’s the point of using the template then, you say? Well, it serves as a source of inspiration and ideas for a totally new design. You can’t derive anything from a blank canvas, right?

On top of that, you are actually saving a lot of precious time that you can otherwise spend on more important matters like developing new products or market your products. When you buy a pre-made template, you only need to edit a thing or two to give it an identity of your own, and that gives you more time and flexibility to work on other stuff.

good quality graphics are an essential part of website design

Okay, let’s say you argue that hiring a designer to do the job is equally fast. That may be true but don’t forget, hiring a professional designer to do a custom design for you will cost you a lot of money. Unless you need a totally unique identity that you are aiming to establish firmly in your niche market, you don’t need to get a designer to design it for you.

Not all graphic templates are suitable, so you have to be careful when choosing one. Consider quality over the price, and you’re on your way to creating a positive image for your business while saving more time for more productive chores!

#Offer A Top Free Download To Build A Targeted List Of Prospects

A mailing list is the lifeblood of your online business. The old adage “the money is in the list” cannot be true enough – if you had a targeted list of prospects to contact each time you have a new product, you will be able to save a lot of effort by marketing it to your existing list of targeted prospects. There are software programs that will help you do this automatically.

the money is in the list - build one

You can actually build up a targeted list of prospects that are interested in your products by offering a relevant download on your website. For example, let’s take a look at a very good example — When you download the free iTunes and Quicktime software from their site, they will ask you to fill in an optional name and email form so that they can send you offers on songs that you can purchase via – guess where – iTunes!

In reality, you do not need to offer such a “heavyweight” download such as a full-feature software like iTunes.  You can attract prospects equally well with some quality freebies such as a simple report, a free wallpaper, and so on. The important thing is that your download offers enough value for the prospect to be willing to give away his/her own email address to get it.

place your free offer where visitors can easily see it

However, slapping together a simple download and putting a link on your website won’t be enough to attract qualified prospects. You will have to do some homework in order for your lead-generating mechanism to work well for you.  You really have to build up your credibility with your site visitors. 

when people trust you they will turn into buyers

First of all, you must place your download form prominently on your website. Preferably, dedicate a page to it and link to that page from every other page of your website. That way, there is no way your visitors cannot find the download page, and when they do, you’ll get some of them converted into your prospects!

Also, you have to put a little effort into promoting your download. Explain and elaborate on the values of the download, and why your visitors should download it. You might think why would anyone want to pass on a freebie, but most of your visitors would be too lazy to make the effort to download it because most of their downloads would just sit on the hard disk collecting virtual dust. It is hence important to show your visitors why they should download your freebie.

Here is my Freebie to you.  Its an eBook in PDF form that I know you will find very useful in your marketing campaigns called  –  69_marketing_ideas

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These tips and advice I have given in this article will help you along the way to having a well thought out website design and also enable you to get visitors you can add to a money making mailing list.  But do you have such a website?  Do you actually market online?  Do you know the first thing about what a mailing list is and what it can be used for?  If you answered No to any of these questions then you need help and I can point you in the direction of that help, and at no cost to you.

The help I’m talking about is an online training program called Wealthy Affiliate that has been voted the number one on the internet for successfully launching the careers of 100’s of 1,000’s of people into the internet and earning an income from home with their own home business.

Here’s a sample of what you get within WA:

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The above is just a sample.  There is a whole lot more you can access and as I said at no cost to you to get started as a free member.

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To summarize:  I want to get one thing straight from the word go.

I Am Not Trying To Rip You Off Or Sell You Anything!  This is not a ‘Pitch’.  I make no money from anyone who joins Wealthy Affiliate through the links on this site.  All I get is a one dollar credit so I am not in it for the money that’s for sure.

All I am doing in this article is point you in the direction of an online program that will give you a fantastic start to you having your own business that you can run from home.

It will also cost you absolutely nothing to do this and you will receive two websites for nothing and those websites will be hosted for you on the internet free of charge as well.

Also if you already have websites you can transfer them over and get them hosted for you free as well so what have you got to lose by taking a look but a little time.

Does this seem like I am trying to rip you off or sell you something?

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So if you would like the opportunity to be a success in affiliate marketing and make money online then all you have to do now is click on the ‘Make Money Online’ image below, fill in a few details, click through to the Wealthy Affiliate website and off you go.  If you think its not for you then you just leave with no harm done and nobody loses out except me coz I will lose my dollar credit. It really is as simple as that folks.

Thank you for reading my article and if you would like to leave a comment or use the Contact Me form I will reply.

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