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What You Should Look For In A Home Business

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An At Home Based Business – Which of these home businesses I have outlined below makes the most sense to you, and why do you say that?  Well it’s quite obvious; however I’m sure you would agree before you could make a sound decision about you and your family’s financial future you would need to see more.

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Business A: No large investment, inventory, or selling products. No repeat sales presentations needed. No stocking, shipping, collecting or delivering. No sales quotas, advertising expense, or chance of losing money.95% Re-order rate.

Now Brand X: Large investment required, inventory required, must sell products. Repeat sales presentations. Must stock, ship, collect, and deliver.

Large sales quotas, multiple advertising expenses, high risk, loss of investment, less than 20% re-order rate.

Starting Business

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Here’s what else to look for:

  1. Unique Products: Products must serve multiple different Market Categories, Products must be unique enough to get Patents, and the Products have to serve the Masses.
  1. Company Stability: The ability to give you long-term business and financial security, based on their company and business history.
  1. Marketing System: System to Market Primary must follow with the Marketing Techniques taught and used in a Pay-It Forward 4 Profits system, and must be Simple and Duplicate able.
  1. Company Management: Must be led by already Successful Leaders in Business with a Vision for the Future Growth.
  1. Global Reach: Must be ground floor in their Global Expansion.
  1. Compensation & Incentives: Maximize your income based on your efforts. Must payout at least 50% of Sales, must offer Unlimited Depth within compensation plan, must offer Fast Start Bonuses, must offer other Rewards and Recognition, you must be able to achieve $10,000/month true residual with less than 500 people in the organization.
  1. Pay-It Forward: Does the company Pay-It Forward to the Masses. They must give back globally what they are taking out. The company’s vision is to make an Impact on the World in a Positive Way.

Pay attention to these points when choosing a business, you want to determine the best course of action for you to maximize your potential and secure your long-term financial goals.

One thing more I want to ask you that concerns your business.

Do We Really Need A Website?

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To have a website or not to have a website; that is an occurring online question for many people who want to be their own boss and have a business that is home based.

When we set out to search for online business, we receive so many messages telling us that not having a website is not a problem.  Why?  Because you are told that the opportunity itself will give you a duplicate page of your own that you can promote.  In other words a websites is a must have and is home based businesses main asset to make money from the internet.

This is great news if you want to market only one business on the internet. But look at all the people who are marketing successfully on the net. There isn’t a single person who is actually marketing one single product or service. You would find them partnering in this or that venture, selling three or four e-books, being affiliates of numerous opportunities…etc.

Now let us say that you have opted to work with one single online business affiliate program that offers you a web page that you can promote. How will you promote it?

Make Money Without A Website

Let us look at the things you will not be able to do if you don’t have a website:

  1. Exchange Links: Since you do not own the site, therefore, you cannot make any changes on it; accordingly you will not be able to add links to your site. If you cannot put links on your site then you cannot exchange links.
  1. Forums: One of the Forums that I am involved in, and believe me it is one of the best forums around, recently announced that you can add to your signature either a product or a website that you yourself own and nothing duplicate or you do not own.
  1. Adding your link to directories: I guess I will be safe to say that at least 90% of directories do not accept links with an extension. Meaning, your duplicate site would be something like that . The directories would only accept Although I must say that some companies are overcoming this issue by adding your affiliate username at the beginning rather than as an extension. It would look like this . In this case your chances to be accepted are better, still not very good though. As directory owners usually do not accept duplicate sites when they review it for approval.

Making Money With A Website

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What you will be able to do with your own website are the following:

  1. Writing Articles: In your author resource box you will be able to put a link to an affiliate page.
  1. Traffic Exchange sites: These also accept affiliates
  1. Paid advertising whether online or offline.

You will realize from the above that out of the options listed above you will only be able to do two of them. While if you have your own website you will be able to build a full marketing effort without having to pay for any kind of advertising.

Remember this is with the limitation of having only one stream of income coming in. If you decided to get involved in more than one business then you will have to duplicate your work for each affiliate program when you are dealing with paid advertising.

The advantages of having your own website are numerous, but I will list a few here:

  1. The flexibility of having all your online business opportunities in one place.
  1. The flexibility of changing your content for search engine optimization and enhancing visitors’ experience.
  1. The flexibility of automating your link exchange activity.
  1. The Flexibility of automating your content management so as to have always new content on your website.
  1. Of course we should not forget that all the things that we listed above that you cannot do with an online business affiliate duplicate page, now you can do them with your own home based business website.
  1. Adding a newsletter subscription which will build you a list that no home business/online marketer can do without.
Online Marketing Training That Works

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Does this mean that each person who wants to venture into online business must go to the trouble of building a website, designing it, and setting it up? Not really, there are opportunities out there which have the option of building your own website as part of the training package. Yet you must make sure that you own the domain name.  Ideally this will be your BRAND.

So if you would like to work online from home, I’m taking it for granted that you’re perhaps on a tight budget.  This being so you will want somewhere to go that will give you a good deal and a lot in return for your dollar.  Lets not forget to mention the investment of your time and effort.

Make Your Own Website Free

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There is one online company called Wealthy Affiliate.  I’m a member of it along with close on a million other like minded people who want to work from home and have their own online business.  I have mentioned a website and a domain name above.  Website for your business and a Domain Name for your Brand.

This company will give you two sites as soon as you join.  You can choose your own Domain Names for both of them for free.  To sweeten the deal,  there is free website hosting for those sites.  That’s right, they will be hosted for you on the internet absolutely free of charge.

But there is one more important freebie.  It will not cost you a penny to get started with wealthy affiliate once you become a member.  For the first seven days you have access to everything you can possibly need to get started.  After that trial period you can sign on as a Premium Member for the measly sum of $19 for the first full month. That will work out at about 70 cents a day.  You can afford 70 cents a day, can’t you?

Home Based Business Ideas To Make Money Online

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However if you can’t, that is not a problem because you can stay as long as you like as a free member.  Now is this not a great deal?  You have to say – Yes It Is!!  I did three years ago and have not regretted it for one minute.  You wont either.   So if you believe what ideas you have is home based business ideas that can make you an online income then do not hesitate another minute.

Here’s to seeing you on the inside and thank you for reading this far.

Robert Allan


Hello I have been an affiliate/internet marketer for many years and I'm very successful at it. If you need any help and pointers to earning an online income from home or to start up your own home-based business then please feel free to read the articles within this site. I'm sure you will go away with lots of tips and advice that will help you get started.

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