Beware – Duplicate Content

The World of Duplicate Content – Use of a Filter

Beware – Duplicate Content – As an Affiliate marketer browsing the internet for ideas I see duplicate content all the time and especially by affiliates who just copy and paste directly from Vendors’ websites or articles that are published in Ezines.

Please read this article by Aaron Brooks (The Article Geek) all the way through as it tells you WHY you should not involve yourself with this practice.  You might not be the greatest writer in the world but what you do write, make sure it is unique to You and nobody else.

Robert Allan

The World Wide Web is like a running race or marathon where websites compete to reach the finish line first. In this case, the finish line is a higher ranking. And in this race for supremacy, it is important to avoid duplicate content and its penalties.

To facilitate the efficient functioning of directories, search engines have been armed with content filters. This removes or filters duplicate content from pages it’s indexing. And the most hurtful penalty is lower rankings.

Unfortunately, these filters not only catch rogues but web pages that are genuine too. What webmasters need to do is understand how filters function and know what action is to be taken to avoid being filtered out.

When a search engine sends out spiders the filters leave out or sieve

  • Websites that feature identical content. And when within a site the webmaster includes many copies or versions of pages to cheat the search engines. Filters are also extremely sensitive to “doorway” pages.
  • Content masked by different packaging. Known as “scraped content” this duplication of pages with little or no relevant changes falls prey to filters.
  • Product descriptions featured by e-commerce sites. Most e-commerce sites publish alongside a product the manufacturer’s description of the product and this content then appears on zillions of e-commerce sites falling victim to filters.
  • Articles distributed widely over the net. While some engines are programmed to find the origin of the article there are others who may not be able to source the origins.
  • Pages that are not duplicates but contain the same core material written by different people.

To get the better of filters you need to

  • Use a tool like the Similar Page Checker  to ensure that the pages in your site are not mirroring content from elsewhere. In case there are other URLS with similar or identical content the tool will reveal them to you and you will be able to make changes in your pages.
  • Be vigilant, know who has “helped” themselves to your content. Use you can determine which websites have stolen or copied your work.
  • Even if you do use distributed content you can add a commentary or make changes to the page focusing on its relevance to your site. By making any content your own you are making it unique and different and this will ensure that the pages are not filtered by search engines.
  • Even if you are running an e-commerce site you must include product descriptions that are distinctively yours and not run of the mill.

Learn as much as you can about duplicate content and its dangers. Read the issues that were discussed at the SES 2006 New York Session and other forums. Remember most search engines, Google, Yahoo, or Open Directory Project do not want to be flooded by duplicate content and web pages.

Jake Baillie, President of TrueLocal listed the duplicate content mistakes to be: circular navigation; printer friendly pages; inconsistent linking; product only pages; transparent serving domains; and bad cloaking.

Beware – Duplicate Content – It is important for sites to get high ranking through fair and not foul means

Author Bio

Aaron Brooks is a freelance writer for 1888 seo services, the premier website to find SEO consulting, link buildings and professionals seo training, online marketing tips, seo tools and more. 

I hope you found this article by Aaron Brooks as interesting as I did and you will take his advice on board because duplicate content is very much a big No No when it comes to your Pages or Posts.  You will be penalized.

Article Geek is absolutely packed with great articles for Affiliates to use on their websites as long as you stick to their  Terms Of Service.  Have a wee look because the articles cover a lot of topics.

I know I said at the beginning of this article that unique content is best, but if you are really really struggling to write content for your website then Article Geek is the best online Free Article site I know off.  There are Free articles for a whole variety of topics, and all you have to do is link back to the site.  You could easily re-write them with your own perspective on whatever topic you choose and call them your own with no comebacks.

Saying that.  It’s also a great place to publish your own articles.  Why?  Because you will get links back to your own sites.  This means of course more visitors/potential customers if this is what you want.

It’s a Win Win for everybody concerned.

This is the content of Article Geek’s ‘About Us’ page:

About Us was officially launched in August, 2005. Our goal is to create the best free online article directory for both authors and publishers. We are very knowledgeable about what it takes to build traffic to websites.  Also how to build relevance in the search engines. Rest assured that your articles will be promoted and viewed often on

Mission Statement

To become the best.  Free content sharing article directories bring together authors and publishers to form a mutually beneficial relationship.

How Authors Benefit

Why would authors want to give away some of their articles? Ever heard of the phrase “viral link building”? Here’s how it works:

An Example:

An author submits an article on

That article gets picked up by 10 different webmasters

When those webmasters use your article they have to use the article unedited. This means that they have to include a link pointing to your website and a link pointing to

The article author gets a couple different perks from this process:

  1.  Since it was picked up by 10 different webmasters, you get 10 one way links to your website.
  2. The number of potential readers has dramatically increased because your article is now on 10 different websites.
  3. Visitors that click on your link in your article are targeted customers.  They’re the best kind to have because they are interested in what you have to offer.
  4. As time passes, more publishers come to to find content. Your articles continue to get picked up and reprinted, generating you even more links. In the process building your brand, establishing your credibility and getting more traffic and customers as well.

When authors submit their articles to they are taking a very important step in the right direction. Your articles are going to be put in a central directory that makes them easier to find by the publishers. The editors of are going to be aggressively promoting this website.  This means that your articles are going to be on highly optimized and frequently visited pages.

How Publishers Benefit

Publishers (editors, webmasters) use ArticleGeek to find free content for their websites, ezines, magazines, email newsletters, journals, blogs, etc. This free content is in the form of copyright free articles. Publishers are free to use these articles found on, as long as they follow a few simple guidelines.

To grab the html or the text version of each article.  You click on the publish link found in the top right corner of each article.

Beware – Duplicate Content – Webmasters know the value of frequently updating their webpages. Finding good, quality content can be difficult. Finding copyright free content can be even more difficult. This is where ArticleGeek will benefit you. Browse through our directory for articles that you think will benefit your site readers and use these articles on your website.

Thank you for reading to the end.

Robert Allan

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