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#How To Write A Good Website Review – How to Create Website Content Acceptable To Google

Googles algorithms are based on the quality of our sites and how much value they offer to the users who navigate them.

What makes Google’s algorithm happy?

What is quality content?

Google is a business and as long as its customers are happy it will remain in business. So it doesn’t care as much about the user as it does about its bank account.

Google’s Customers

Google’s customers are the people who search on its engine each and every day.

Google’s goal is to return to the searcher the most valuable, relevant content and if they don’t, its users will go elsewhere and the search engine will be out of business because its advertisers will pay another engine to display their ads.

I mention this because it’s important to understand the purpose behind algorithm changes. Google wants to eliminate low-quality sites so its users are happy with the result every time they perform a search. So if you want to get on Google’s good side, your content should provide users with a good experience.

Get On Googles’ Good Side by creating a valuable user experience with your website content.

Fresh Content

Google updates regularly and loves fresh content. To give Google what it wants you have to be an accomplished blogger or simply add more content pages to your site. Therefore if you want to boost your ranking, add more pages or start blogging. Every time you add new content, it prompts the Google spider to come and visit your site.


On its own blog Google offers guidance for website owners on how to build high-quality sites. Within this blog the search engine gives a series of questions website owners should ask themselves before publishing any type of content. Below are the ones I consider the most important:

Would you trust the information in this article?

If you visited your site as an outside user, would you trust the information was genuine? Take yourself outside of your perspective and read your content as if you were a stranger. Would you think the material was written by someone you could trust? If not, modify it until you can say “Yes”.

Does your article or review look like it’s been written by an expert or an enthusiast who knows the topic well, or is it just cobbled together?

You don’t necessarily need to be an expert to produce great content, but make sure you perform the necessary research so that you offer valuable solutions and advice to your readers. Use reputable sources for your research and don’t skimp on this just to get the job done.

Does your site have duplicate, overlapping, or redundant articles on the same or similar topics with slightly different keyword variations?

Avoid targeting similar topics on your website.

If you are using a main keyword, you may find additional keywords in your research that are relevant. A user may search to find your site using these other keywords. It’s important that you do NOT target additional pages with them because the keywords will be describing the same topic.

Also when writing articles around these keywords, you will be saying the same thing even if the content is unique. And Google does not like this practice, because it will think you are using those additional keywords to try to rank for them instead of providing value to the user.

Does your article or review have spelling or grammar mistakes and are the ‘Facts’ actually correct in what they say or describe?

You may not be the best writer in the world but that doesn’t matter to Google because it wants visitors to your site to have the best possible experience and content, if its unreadable, or filled with grammatical and spelling errors it will not rank as well as properly formatted and grammatically correct content.

If writing isn’t your strong suit, you can always hire someone to create or edit what you have written as your content. But be careful with this practice as you might just get articles that have been ‘Spun’ which is ok if the article has never been on your site before.

Additionally, ensure your research is factual. If your research is solid, and from reputable sites you should be fine. Use the very best sources you can find. If your topics are of an informal nature such as pets, gardening, gaming or knitting, find websites with people who know the subject matter inside out as reference while inputting your own personal experience with the topic.

Relevant Content

When writing content, consider the user’s needs first and great content will come naturally. If you are too concerned with the search engines, you may over-stuff the content with keywords or engage in shady practices. It’s easy to add more keywords to your websites, but adding too many will get you penalized and it’s harder to recover from a downgrade than it is to add more keywords.

Also always remember to go over your articles or reviews and edit them as best you can so they don’t appear hastily produced.

In other words, take the time to ensure your article or review at least looks professional, well written and useful. Don’t throw together any old thing just to get content on your site. In the end, it may result in a downgrade and you will have wasted that time anyway. It’s always best to just do it right the first time to avoid any future headaches.

Is your article or review a good description of the subject matter?

This point ties in with the last. Seek to include as many details as you can in your articles or reviews. If the user is happy, Google is happy as well. If you answer your visitor’s questions with your website content, they will not need to look somewhere else and this is sure to increase conversions and sales for your products.

Does Your article or review have too many Ads?

There isn’t a specific number that denotes “too many ads” but make sure there is enough content to substantiate the ads or affiliate links. If your main purpose is to only get users to click on your ads and you are not concerned with your content, you may find yourself with too many website ads, and Google will penalize you for this.

Avoid Bad Affiliate Content

Bad or thin content refers to affiliate sites that simply regurgitate the vendor’s descriptions instead of offering additional value. Google doesn’t see the need for affiliate sites that say the same thing as the vendor, and it won’t rank them as a result.

Therefore DO NOT just copy and paste content from a vendor. Give visitors fresh information that is useful and meets their needs.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is a great on-site SEO technique because it also allows the Google spider to crawl easily through your site. Try to add a link from each page to another page of your website, but be careful not to abuse link anchor text.


Ensure your metatags (meta keywords and meta description) and titles are properly formatted and optimized. But, avoid stuffing them with too many keywords. One keyword per tag will suffice. Meta keywords are also not used by Google anymore for ranking purposes so stuffing them with excess keywords won’t help your rankings anyway.

Does Your Content Match Your Keywords?

In other words, are you serving up content that is exactly related to your keywords? Does your article match the query? Does your product also match the search query?

From start to finish, give your users a seamless experience and offer them exactly what they are searching for. This will increase your conversions.

Would you publish exactly the same content if search engines didn’t exist?

If your answer is yes, you are on the right track. Quality content is more than just a recommended action; it has become a necessity in today’s online environment.

Ask Yourself These Questions

What does my content look like?
Can It be Improved on by any of the above tips?

I hope I have given you some food for thought and you will now look at your articles or reviews with a more critical eye.

Please leave a comment about anything I have written in this article and I will reply as soon as I can.

Robert Allan

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  1. Hello Dewey. I created this website myself.
    I have been creating websites for some years now so you could say I have learned by my own experience when it comes to creating the content for those websites.
    Please come again and thank you for your comment.
    Robert Allan

  2. Hello and thank you for your comment.
    I visited your site but I couldn’t view the videos because this was the message I got (this video is unavailable)
    have anice day.
    Robert Allan

  3. Hello. I do try my best to create good and acceptable content for all my articles.
    After all at the end of the day Google will not rank your website if it has poor content.
    Quality Content Is nKing and second best is not good enough as far as I am concerned.
    Thank you for leaving youyr comment and have nice day.
    Robert Allan

  4. Hello
    I take it you are Dolores. Thank you visiting my website and leaving a comment.
    I’m glad you found it informative and I also hope it has given you some ideas on how best to promote your product(s).
    Too many websites are put on the internet without too much thought to the readers of articles/pages or posts and the result is off course the site owners do not see a great return on any of their investment be it time, effor or money.
    They tend to think – ‘What Have I Done Wrong?’.
    The answer is simple.
    Give the public what they are looking for and not just a sales pitch.
    Please visit my site again as I do update it on a regular basis.
    Robert Allan

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