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The Path To Freelance Success: The Secret Is Knowing Where To Look

Freelance Jobs At Home – Would you like to break out of afreelance work at home jobs regular job and start a freelancing job instead? Perhaps you’ve got the skills, but are not quite sure where to start looking for work.  Maybe you have the skills but don’t know how to deal with the business side of freelance work?

There is a solution.  Freelance marketplace websites specialise in bringing together clients looking to outsource projects and skilled professional contractors looking for freelance jobs.

If you have web design and development, graphic design, programming, writing or translation skills then you will find opportunities waiting for you, if you know where to look.  There are also many tools online  –  Here’s a link to Mashable where there are lots of links to tools you can access.  I also published a blog on Making Money Online Freelancing within the online platform I’m a member of.  This will give you a few pointers.

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There are many benefits to freelancing;

  • You have a high degree of independence
  • Choose when and where to work, and even for whom to work, once you are established
  • You aren’t tied to a fixed schedule
  • You’re directly paid the full rate for your work, not just a portion of it like an employee is

There is plenty of work out there, but you have to learn how to find it and build your contacts. This is where freelancing sites can help you find freelance work.  This is especially so when you are just starting out. These sites offer a wide range of projects to bid on and give you the chance to learn about the freelance marketplace.

How To Freelance

Once you start as a freelancer, you need to think of more than just keeping your skills sharp. You are a business now, and have to build relationships with clients and sell yourself.

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This can seem daunting at first but is made easier by freelance marketplace websites like that bring together outsourced projects with freelance contractors. These sites all include feedback and rating systems for both clients and contractors, meaning that as your experience builds, your record of quality work will be visible to all the other members of the site, giving you more credibility.

You will also find that as you gain more experience and contacts, people might approach you directly for work. In the end you might even have to turn away work.  Alternatively you can start sub-contracting it out yourself through the freelancing sites, giving you the best of both worlds.

Your success is all down to you.  If you’re professional and polite, and always deliver good quality work on time, people will come back to you. There is a strong demand for good quality freelancers.

When setting your rates, don’t be solely concerned with being the cheapest. Instead look at the budget of the project you are bidding on.  Then look at what you need to earn for it to be worth your time. Work out a rate that meets both the client’s budget and your needs, then use it as a part of a high quality bid. The lowest bids are often rejected in favour of the bids that offer the most professional package.

Small businesses looking to outsource some work will often pay a little more to someone who offers a more professional service. Your aim, as a freelancer, should be to be that someone.

Freelance Marketplace Sites

As with any business undertaking, there are a few potential risks.  With care and planning you should manage to avoid these most of the time. The most obvious risk is completing a freelance job for a client who then will not pay.  Much better to go to freelance marketplace sites. 

These sites offer an escrow payment system to protect both clients and contractors from these problems. It works by taking full payment for the project from the client at the outset of the project.  They then pass it to the contractor upon successful completion.

Other challenges you can computer jobs at homehave to deal with are changing requirements from your client and poor communications.  Again here’s where freelancing sites help with feedback systems and message boards.  This ensures a record is available of the original details of your bid and the project.  So as long as you deliver what you bid, you should get paid.

Don’t let the challenges and risk put you off.  Freelancing is a very rewarding way to earn a living and make the most of your marketable skills.  All you need is a computer or laptop and you are ready to go.  Also if you use freelance marketplace sites to help, it isn’t as difficult as it used to be to get up and running earning an income from the internet.

Make Your Own Free Business Website

Of course you can make your own website and advertise yourself on it.  Get the word out there and have plenty of information about you and your services on it.  Once you have an online presence and have a few testimonials from satisfied clients you should be able to earn a nice income for the rest of your working life and beyond.

This online training platform can get you up and running with your new home business venture when you join them (at no charge). They will give you two free websites and host them for you free of charge as well.

Worth taking a look is it not?  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I want to thank you for reading my article and if you have the time then by all means leave a comment below.  I will reply.

Have a great day folks.

Robert Allan

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