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Updated 17th July 2015

A site map of a website is similar to the table of contents of a book.  Site Maps are important because it guides web surfers to the particular part of the website they have a point of interest in. With it they would save time following links and get right to the point instead.

Site maps are also where search engines look at if somebody is looking for a particular keyword or phrase. If you have a site map, you can most likely be searched.  See the example below for a Book Store.  Its a very simple site map and very easy to navigate.  Simplicity will always be the most popular method with site users.

site maps should in mst cases be easy for sites users to navigate to the information they are looking for

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Creating a site map, now with software technology surging in, is relatively easier than before.  You need not be a programming guru to be one. All need is a notepad, a program editor, and some patience. Here’s how you do it:

How To Create A Site Map For Your Website

Create the listing on a notepad

a websites sitemap should be composed similar to the table of contents or index of a book.

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It doesn’t necessarily have to be a notepad. Any word processing program will do. First off, make sure to type in all the parts and pieces of your website. Include all pages and all links you have. Create it as if you are listing the contents of a book. Make a draft first. You’re sure not to miss something out this way.

Create a new page for your site map

You can insert the site map on your website on one of its pages or you can create an entirely different page for it. Using your notepad, incorporate all tags necessary to it to make another webpage. Open up your website creator program and tag your site map using it. If you have created your website on your own, this will be easy for you.

Create a link for the site map

You won’t be able to view the site map if you won’t put a link for it, of course. Create the link on the front page of your website so that visitors can view it right away and be directed appropriately.

Check your work

It is important to validate the functionality of the links you created on the site map. Test each and every one in there and if you get an error, be sure to fix it accurately. Run through every single page to make sure that all are accounted for.

Upload your work

Place the site map now on your live browser and double check it. It should function as smoothly as the dry run. Error should be minimal at this stage since you already have verified it locally.

The steps provided here is the manual way of creating a site map. These days, if you search hard enough on the web, you will find online programs that will do all this work for you. All you have to do it type in the URL or the link of your website and they will create the site map with click of a button.  Google example below.

you will find online programs online that will create a site map for you and some are free such as the ones google offers

Of course that method is generic. All of you who have created a site map this way will have an end product that is all the same, plus there’s that possibility that something else will be inserted in there too. Then again, the process is less taxing and way simpler.

But if you want a more personalized output, and you are pretty good with computers and programming yourself, better make one of your own.  And since you made your website anyway, creating a site map is just like creating any other page on the website. Other than you’ll know for sure the links are accurate, you can organize the links the way you prefer it to be. Major parts of the site are emphasized compared to less significant. This is important especially if you are selling products or offering services online.

if you are familiar with computer programming creating sitemap is just like creating any other page on the website

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A Site map is vital to a website, and a very useful marketing tool. People search the web a lot for something. If your website has what that particular person is looking for, and your site map reports it, then you have a new customer looking at your items.  Not only that, they will see some other things up for sale that they might be interested in as well.

Sitemaps, be they generated by a program automatically or you create one yourself, presents the same purpose. That is to lead your visitors to where they’re likely headed, and for you to be seen on the World Wide Web through search spiders.  So with these, make sure your website has a site map of its own.  Create one today!

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Of course you have to have a website before you can create a site map for it.

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