How To Start In A Home Business

Updated February 2019

Success Or Failure In A Home Business

How to start in a home business – Do you even know how to start?  In fact let me ask you.  Have you even ever dreamt of having your own business? When you’re in your ‘Normal’ job, do you think that you would do things differently if you had your own business?


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You might even know how you would treat your customers differently.  But how would do it different than what you are seeing at the workplace of your day job?

After all those positive thoughts your mind starts drifting to the negative side. Why can’t you have our own business? The obvious answer is that you don’t have the start-up cash for it. You would ponder on the risks of losing the security provided by of your day job.

Then you have a ‘Light Bulb’ moment.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Your mind becomes creative and thinks about starting something small.  Perhaps a small start-up that you could do after work at home.

Now you’re getting excited. You start to research for ideas.  Hold on though.  After a couple of days or weeks of research you get brainwashed about how easy it should be to make a “Six Figure Income In A Few Days”.  

Its funny how our brains forgets that most of those ideas that we went through our head are not true ideas.  However we get stuck on the idea that a home business will make you rich in no time.

After finding the idea that seems to suit your needs and looks workable you take out your credit card.  You pay the fee and start calling your friends and family and tell them the exciting news.   Maybe some of them will join you in the enterprise.


Part Time Work At Home


You go to work. Of course there is no way you can be productive during the day as you are stuck in your day job.  You want to get off home and start creating and building your business.  With that day job it has to be on a part-time basis to begin with. However this will at least get your business up and running.

If there are any moms reading this article then of course you might not have a day job.  You could be a stay at home mom caring for young children.


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Even moms have some spare time during the day though, so moms can work at home too.  A part time business would be ideal for them.  Worth thinking about is it not?  At the end of the day, everyone would like to earn some extra cash.

Anyway you go home.  Switch on your PC or Laptop, and get your credit card out. Although planning is at the heart of any business, you start searching for ways to advertise on the net anyway. 

You go to sleep happy and proud that night with the image of the money that will be flowing into your bank account while you’re sleeping. You wake up very early to check what happened.  You realize that no money has been made.  You probably think its ok because its only the first day anyway.

Your mind tells you that you have to be realistic. Nothing much can happen in one night. You go to work.  Throughout the day when you’re sure nobody is watching you check out your website. Nothing yet.

But the program that you are in is advanced and provides visitor stats, so you click on the stats link and realize that you have had three clicks since last night. “That is good. This is not bad at all,” you say.

But tonight you have friends coming over, so you can’t work. Tomorrow you promised some other friends that you will go out for dinner.  Your other half says that we have to go to the kids sports game.  You will realize that each night you have some other priority that you have to attend to and that business can wait for tomorrow night.


What Is A Home Business About


After a week or two weeks you realize that the business is not working and this whole idea of home business is not worth it and it doesn’t deliver what it promises.

Now look what you have done:

  1. Invested a small amount of money to start a home business.
  1. Invested some more for advertising.
  1. Since its automated then it should do all the work for you while you go and have fun.

Let us remember what your dream was about:

  1. Have your own home business.
  2. Cater to your customers needs and desires
  3. Your business will become your first priority as it is after all your dream.

What happened?

I said it above, you get brainwashed by the bad ideas.  You remembered that they were bad ideas, but you did not forget their promise. “Six Figure Income In A Few Days”.

What should you do? You should remember the following:

  1. A business is a business regardless of the amount of money you invest. Therefore, you will be feeling lucky that you found an idea with a small investment.
  1. A small investment opportunity should not give you the excuse to ignore it. Imagine if you had borrowed a large sum of money to run a bricks and mortar business.  Would you still have gone to that dinner or that sports game?
  1. An Automated system does not mean it will do all the work on its own. You have to spend time working the system.
  1. A home business or an online business does not mean “Six Figure Income In A Few Days Or Weeks.” Its a business like any other that needs time to grow.
  1. You are not an employee anymore, you are the owner, don’t waste time. Remember if your boss had caught you wasting time you would probably be fired. Now you are the owner, you might not get fired, but you WILL lose the business.

Building a Home Business takes a while.  It really is a journey of many steps.  Read on and find out how your journey should begin.


How To Start In A Home Business

how make money from the internetStart Your Own Business – Preparation And Why You Should Start A Home Based Business.  Make sure you are thinking about what you could make money from.  Ideally it has to be something you have knowledge and/or experience of.  

Why? Because a home business can be a very tricky concept to get off the ground.  Of course the rewards will make it a very worthwhile venture.

On the outside it seems like a great thing to have and could seem easy to accomplish. Once you are inside, you discover its true nature.  In this part of my article I’m going to prepare you for the journey and get you prepared so as not to be surprised at what you are going to find out.

You are or might now be tossing the idea of establishing your own business. You might be imagining freedom, and if you have a 9-5 job you might be saying to yourself that this kind of job was never meant for you.

If you are a student you might be saying to yourself that you will never put yourself under somebody else’s authority.  You want to make money for yourself and definitely not generate profits for somebody else.

If you are serious then you should prepare yourself for the journey. When you’re going to start off on a journey you usually start listing the things you will need.  Its the same procedure when starting a home business.

To start a home business online in any Niche area you must really be prepared. The first thing you need to prepare is yourself.  You must prepare your mind as the journey will not be a bed of roses. The garden of Eden is your destination, but there are quite a few things to learn along the way before you reach it.

Some of the obstacles might be quite difficult to overcome at this point in time in your life.  You know that you will not have access to resources that will enable you to open a Franchise or your own offline operation. At this point your mind might be set at venturing into an online business because of the limited amount of investment needed for such a business.


The Get Rich Quick Syndrome


The first thing that you need to prepare right from the beginning are your expectations. A home business is still a business and all the rules of business apply. Why am I saying this? Because…

Most of the people who start searching for a home business get so excited.  They read and hear about all the different marketing opportunities available online. This is were they start to suffer from the get rich quick syndrome.  


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This get rich quick mentality is quite common. They forget that they have started the search for a business and they start expecting to get rich within a short period of time. If that was true.  You would find all those big companies are empty because the employees are running their own online business from home.

This fact should not disappoint you.  On the contrary this means that you will be among the very few who understand the real nature of home business.  

If you plan to be in it for the long haul then you will understand its a marathon and not a sprint.  This will enable you to continue the journey while finding others returning after a couple of hundred yards and sticking to their jobs.

If you know this fact, then you will be able to mentor the people that you can eventually sponsor according to this fact. You will be part of a worldwide group of people who know the real nature of home business.

This group you become a member of will have solid foundations and you will be able to grow much better because of it.  Of course your business will benefit as well.  Simply said  –  You grow and your business grows with you!

The second thing that you need to prepare yourself for is that you will have bad days or even bad weeks. This should not mean that the business is not working. Your home business is an online business, and one of the major differences between online and offline businesses is the location.


Offline Versus Online Business


In an offline business you might be the only one who is providing this business in the neighbourhood.  In Online Business the internet is the neighbourhood.

In an offline business you might choose a location with many people passing by who would be able to find you easily. In online business you can choose a product or service of high demand, but to create traffic (people) is your own job. Accidental traffic is never something that you can depend on in online business.

Therefore, the momentum of traffic has to be built one brick at a time, and this needs consistency, time and patience especially when if you do not have enough funds to overspend on advertising.

You need to think about those two things a lot, and you need to prepare your mind before you start your home business journey.

The first thing is to prepare and control your expectations. The second is to survive the bad times with consistency and patience.

A home based business is a business. Yes it has a low entry investment but still it is a business like any other business.  It needs proper attention to be built in the right way and grow as you would hope it to.

My last word to prospective home business owners, don’t underestimate your business because it’s a low investment. Treat it as if all your savings and your family’s future are at stake.  This way you are prepared to start your home business journey with the right mindset.


At Home Based Business


So are you ready to begin your journey to an online business career, or have you decided its not for you?  Only you can make this decision and to help you make up your mind.


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I’m giving the link to this webpage.  On it you will find a top menu from where you can browse and find out just what this particular company and being a member of the community can offer you.

Read the pages.  Digest the information, and when you have, then you can make an informed decision whether you have what it takes to be an online business owner.

Before you go, and if you can spare a couple of minutes I would appreciate any comment you want to leave below.  I will reply as I always do to people who take the time.  Feedback from readers is important to me as it lets me know if the information I’m giving in my articles is enough.

To your success folks.

With My Best regards.

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  1. Hello Shawn and thank you for your comment.

    Hope you went away from my site with lots of tips and advice that will aid you in your own online efforts to get a home business off the ground.

    Yes please visit again as I know my articles have helped a great many people to get started.

    Hope you are having a great day.


    Robert Allan

  2. Hello Anthony and thank you for leaving a comment on my article  –  How To Start In A Home Business.

    Yes I’m afraid there is no quick fix to making money online.

    It does take time and although you could have some ‘Beginners Luck’ you find out soon enough that’s all it was and the real money will come after you have done some real work.

    With Wealthy Affiliate though you have a great advantage to all those who are not members in that you get first class step by step training.

    There is also the fact that there are a whole lot of members who have been in your present situation who have gone on to earn a great income from the internet and its due in no small measure to that training.

    Keep at it and keep your focus on achieving your goal.

    There will come a day when you can sit back and say  –  I’ve Done It!

    Thank you for visiting my website and come again and go away with even more tips and advice.

    Hope you are having a great day.


    Robert Allan

  3. Hey Robert, very well said. I am still relatively new to the world of online business, but one thing I have done is given myself that mindset of “time”. Your business is not going to grow over night or even a few days, this process takes months to years. Although I have had days with frustration already when it comes to my organic traffic I still know that I am just a begginer and will take time to mature.

  4. Hello,

    Starting a home business is definitely a dream for everyone. Everyone wants to be their own boss and make their own schedule. Even I want to!

    I took your article into consideration and I hope to start up my own home business! I have bookmarked your website and I will definitely be a returning reader!


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