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In this article I give my experiences and results in trying a number of strategies for SEO to get high ranking for my home business.  In actuality it was one of the many number of opportunities of work from home jobs you can find on the internet today.  Therefore same difference, and the content of this article explains the strategies for anyone who wants to work online.

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How To’s For Linking, SEO And Article Writing To Rank On Google

How to work at home jobs – When I started my first job at home with a website selling other people’s products from home I signed up with a SEO company called SEO Elite.  They guaranteed that they would get me into the top ten on Google for five search terms within six months.

I paid their fees for four months without any noticeable results. I have to add that since then this software has been banned by Google and no longer available.  Just as well as far as I’m concerned because it was total crap.

How To Optimize Website Content

Best practice SEO involves quite a few tactics and techniques.  If you can afford to its best to get up and running with help from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

If you are going to give it a go yourself then first up is on-seo for rankingpage factors, which means getting the keywords on your site right. This has only a small effect on your ranking but is important to get right. You don’t just want a meaningless list of keywords though.  You must have keywords or keyword phrases that are totally relevant to what you are selling or promoting on your site. Therefore do your research. Make Sense?  Of course it does.

First of all your Titles must contain at least one meaningful keyword that will look good in google and on top of the site. You should also include keyphrases for seo.  These are more commonly known as Long Tail Keywords and are excellent for search engine optimization purposes.

long tail keyword phrases for seo

This works as both a sales pitch when coming up in search results and contains all the keywords.  Be aware though that what was a good keyword or phrase last month doesn’t follow it will be just as good the month after that or the month after that.  You may have to go over your site content now and again to make changes and update your keywords.

This needs to be a continuous process of adding new words, creating cross-links across the site (to help Google to understand your site and to get some key sub-pages on to the search engine results).  You must polish up the text so that it converts well with people and looks good to the search engines.

You can also embolden keywords on your Landing Page/Home Page.  Also ensure your main search phrases are sprinkled over the page with one near the top and another near the bottom for each key phrase.

SEO For Ranking

getting backlinks for traffic

LINKS FOR…The main grunt work in search engine optimisation (SEO) is getting backlinks. Google uses links as the main factor in search results so this is the key to high rankings and therefore free clicks and customers for you.

keyword phrases long tail keywords

Google uses several factors including the importance of the website (Page Rank).  Next comes the keywords on the page, and the title of the page.  Then there’s the text your site is linked from (known as the anchor text).  Lastly the other links from that page, whether your site is linked back to the site that links to you (reciprocal links).

If you don’t currently have Google Chrome as your browser, to assess the page rank you can download the Google Toolbar and it puts a little gauge in internet explorer that shows you a ranking for every page you visit. The page rank runs from 0 to 10 and if it is greyed out then the site is not on or has been banned by Google. In my case after four months I had got up to a Page Rank of 3.

The first point of call to get backlinks your site should be directories, by which I mean hand-edited lists of sites not search engines. The key site to be registered on back then was the ODP (Open Directory Project) at My original SEO people had registered my site with this, but had used a crappy list of keywords.  As of March this year dmoz isn’t available but they still have a mirror page here where you can still use the tools.

But don’t despair you can no longer use Dmoz because there are lots of other sites that are just as useful such as HubSpot.  You can also do a Google search for more directories and register on at least all the ones specializing in your product.

What Is Link Building For SEO

what is a google ranking algorithm

The next thing to do for your sites seo is to type your target keyword or keyword phrase into Google. For me it was work at home and work from home. You then pick the top ranked site.  Next use a ranking tool such as the Moz Rank Tracker type in the url of the top ranked site. The program will then show all the sites that have that keyword. If you can get the same links then you will be on your way to the top of the list too.

The software lists them in Google Page Rank order so you then simply go to each of the websites in turn from best first and submit your site listing.  You can also just submit a link exchange request.  Failing those options by far the most common approach is to email them with a link exchange request.

You get the best response if you add a link to their site first and then send an email like this example of mine:

“I run a website for work from home enthusiasts  –”.  “I like your site and I’m interested in link exchanging. I can add a link to your site from mine and I would appreciate a return link as follows: Work At Home or Earn An Income Online”. 

A few hours doing this could easily give you 20 or so backlinks.

I have also tried searching for work at home listings in Google and getting listings on all the sites that came up. I have also searched for listing sites for markets I am interested in.

Link Exchanges

There are also free link exchange sites.  As is usually theincrease traffic with articles case though you get what you pay for.  But they are worth looking at because of those hidden little gems you will find if you dig deep enough.

Therefore its worth pointing out that pretty much any link exchange is worth having although those from high ranking sites count a lot higher. For example it makes sense, if your site is linked to and from the front page of the BBC Worldservice Website (which has a page rank in the top 5) then it is clearly a very important site.

The only links you do not want are those that are greyed out on Page Rank these could be banned sites. Google bans sites for trying to manipulate rankings in ways that it finds unacceptable.

To break into the top for link exchange for backlinksvery competitive phrases you can need hundreds of phrases for example a guy at one of the internet marketing companies I contacted said they had over 17,000 links. I personally was adding links at the rate of 30 a month to each of my sites, but was after more.

Article Writing

Article Writing For  – Ranking – My next step to achieve a high rank with the google search index was to write articles.  This is a great way to get free links your website  and achieve a high rank, hopefully on page one.  This would bring me hundreds of top quality links for those high search engine rankings.

how to increase traffic to website

When I started my search engine optimisation I was targeting relatively easy phrases to get going such as my “work at home” and “work from home” ones. Initially I focused my attention on my MSN ranking as they do not use site age or link age as a ranking factor unlike the others. 

This is particularly so with Google which puts a high importance on link age.  You are put in the so called “sand box” for the first six to eight months. I got into the habit of actively getting link exchanges by using the sites I had received good links from that had improved my ranking.

At first and after less than a month I had fifty links for my work at home website and was starting to get top twenties for my easy phrases on MSN.  For example I was ranking 14th for “Make Money From The Internet” and 8th for “Earn An Income At Home” whilst for better phrases I was not yet on the first page with “Internet Income” (35th) and “Home Business” (245th).

Write Article Review

My next boost up the rankings was to come from articlearticles with related keywords writing. I discovered that there are lots of websites out there that publish articles. The search engines rate these sites highly as they offer lots of content with text heavy pages and are human edited.

Most article sites let you have hyperlinks in your story and all of them allow a resource box at the bottom with links to your site(s). So if you write some articles related to the product you sell and then post the articles on many sites, you get lots of high quality links to your site.

First job is to come up with a topic. It is best to write articles related to your product, how to buy it, choose it, use it, reviews etc. This means your text and title will have lots of related keywords and you may even get some customers from people reading it.

It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a few thousand word articles for almost any site. For work at home for example, I have articles on a history of working from home going back to the days when women used to do menial tasks for pennies.

These are on my web work for homesite and I publish them to article sites. You can also use the article sites for free content to add to your site. Most of them allow re-printing of an article as long as the links and attribution are left in.

The process is pretty easy. Search in Google for “submit articles” and your topic and then register with each site and submit an article. It can take a couple of weeks for each article to get reviewed and published. Sometimes I get emails saying article rejected and the reason.

The reason is usually something to do with links or overly commercial content, but I simply make edits to address their point and then re-submit. If you submit a number of articles spaced out by a month between each one across 100’s of article sites then you can build up a lot of links that will do wonders for your ranking.

Best Automatic Article Submission

After I had done this about ten times I wondered if there was tool that might help, and found Article Submitter Pro. This is a pretty cool tool that semi-automates the process. It has more than 700 article sites in it’s directory and using a window in the tool you can sort the sites by Page Rank.  You start with the best sites register with each one and record the login info in the tool.

Then when you want to submit an article you enter it intoget free links your website the program and it takes you one by one to each of the sites and auto-fills in all the boxes with your login and then the article, biography and resource text. It keeps track of which articles you have submitted to which sites and helps to keep it all organised.

Using Article Submitter Pro I can submit to a 100+ sites in a few hours which I do as a once a week task. After three weeks of article submission I am up to top fives for my easy phrases on MSN for example I am ranking 1st for “Work At Home” and 3rd for “Work From Home”.  These results are really good so I am going to keep on publishing articles.

If you want to make pdf’s of your articles for your other sites then try at PDF Converter the PDF Forum there offers information for people looking to learn more about using PDF.

Another good idea is to pull together an ebook for your my site including any other sites you have.  I chose from which I can use articles I have written for some of the source text.  I can also harvest email addresses on my sites, by offering a free copy to people.

A Work From At Home Online Business

There you go folks and good write up of what it took me to get started making an income from home.  This does not take me all that many hours per week to accomplish.  Not near as many hours as I use to put in for my old 9 to 5 job that’s for sure.  You can get started as well and before you know it you can be making a lot more money than you ever did before.

There are countless jobs how to work at home you can do online and it might seem like I’m touting for business but I assure you I’m not.  I just want you to have the same chance that came my way with the company I’m a member of.  There are almost a million members now so we can’t all be wrong, can we?

Get yourself over to browse these web pages and you will see what’s on offer for no charge.  I know you wont be disappointed.  I wasn’t and look at me now, A Home Business Owner and at long last my own boss.  There’s nothing to beat it and I can assure you its not all about the money!

Thank you for reading down this far and I sincerely hope you will take up the opportunity of this training on how to work from home jobs.  Hopefully you will and I will see you on the inside.

Have a fantastic day.

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