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Updated July 2019

WAHM And The Internet

How To Work At Home With A – Family – The Work From Home For Moms – The alarm sounds and rudely awakens you from a deep slumber.  It is another early Monday morning.  This means it’s time to get up, get dressed and take your oldest child to school.  You then head home, turn on your computer and get to work. 

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Mornings for you are the most difficult as you struggle to balance spending time with your youngest child (not quite school age and still at home) and muddle your way through and respond to the seemingly endless emails in your inbox.  Who are You?  You are a WAHM. 

What The Best Home Based Business For Women

WAHMs, or work-at-home moms make up many of the small online businesses we find among the plethora of Websites which exist on the Internet today.  Why have so many of today’s moms taken the plunge into online business ownership? 

While every mom’s situation and circumstance is unique, moms work at homemost moms start on the path to home-based entrepreneurship for two main reasons: 

First, most moms want to be at home in order to take part in the primary parenting responsibilities.  Also, many moms find it difficult to make ends meet on their spouse’s income alone.  This forces many moms to make a decision as to whether or not go back to work or to find work out of the home.   This is an excellent idea as more and more people are starting up a home based business of their own.  I believe this trend is here to stay and will continue to grow ever more popular in the years ahead.  Get your foot on the ladder now.

For many moms, the demands of the corporate world are overwhelming and too demanding.  The next obvious choice to have money coming in is deciding to start their own online business in hopes of controlling the work day in terms of flexibility and scheduling. Therefore you have to ask  –  what the best home based business for women is?

What Is The Best Home Based Business For

Stay At Home Moms

Why do so many moms choose the Internet as a venue to start a home business? 

work from home for moms

There are a couple of reasons: 

The Internet (Websites) and email allow for ease of communication.  For example, traditional businesses usually handle correspondence via telephone or in person.  Can you imagine trying to conduct business over the phone while in the background your child screams for more ice cream? 

Or imagine as a mom business owner that you have an office and that a client comes in to see you for a meeting, but suddenly your child who is in your office as well, has a potty training accident.  What mom could or would ever attempt to conduct business in this fashion? 

Therefore, conducting business via the work at home officean interactive website or through email allows a mom to accomplish those business tasks which would have otherwise been impossible in traditional settings.  That question arises again  –  whats the best home based business for women?

The second reason is the cost involved when starting a business.  Traditional methods require a business owner to obtain a commercial office, and of course there is the overheads which are associated with such an office.  In comparison, it is relatively in-expensive to start an online business. 

Most Web authoring tools are cost effective and extremely easy to learn, making the cost of designing a business website almost obsolete.  Also, the price of maintaining an online business presence through a Web host is a fraction of the cost of maintaining a commercial office.  These are some of the contributing factors as to why more and more moms are turning to Web business ownership. 

The Work From Home For Moms

Today’s moms are able to make their dream of working at home a reality, but some overlook one important factor-balance.  While it may seem that the WAHM has it all, a closer look might reveal otherwise.  WAHMs struggle to maintain a healthy balance between work and life.  As with most of life’s challenges, there are solutions that can help the work-at-home mom successfully manage work and family life, some of which include the following:

work from home tips and advice

Tips to help the work at home moms achieve the ideal work and family balance.

  1. Set boundaries. If possible, set limits on the amount of hours you will work each week.
  1. Set a schedule. In addition to setting boundaries, incorporate a daily schedule to follow so that you will not become over worked or “burned out.”
  1. Make time for your family. Remember that you started your online business with your family in mind and be sure to spend as much time with them as possible.

Although every WAHM’s situation and circumstance is unique, one common factor remains:  To achieve the ideal work/family balance.  Incorporating the techniques mentioned above, the WAHM will be able to focus and will gain the confidence she needs to run a successful Internet-based business and a happy home.

Work Home

Ok moms, you have read the article and working from home seems feasible because its a great idea.  But how can you actually get started will be the main question on a lot of your minds.

work from home for mom

If you would just like to see if you have what it takes that is easy enough.  I can point you in the direction of an online community I have been a member of for over 3 years.

The best part is you can become a member of this global community for nothing.  Not only that, you will get two websites for absolutely nothing as well.  There’s more.  Those sites will be hosted for you on the internet at no cost to you and you choose what you want to call them.

There’s well over 500 videos you can access as well as online lessons and a Bootcamp.  You will never be left on your own because there’s also a 24/7 Live Chat function as well as Private Messaging.

Home Based Business Opportunities For The

stay at home moms

Does a home based business opportunity seem like something you would be interested in?  If so just click on the image below and go take a looksee.

One other small piece of info.  Do you know that you can actually get help from the government with a grant?  There is an article on it about 3 years old but the information is still relevant today.

Thank you for reading my article and have a very nice day.

Robert Allan

how to work at home for moms


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2 thoughts on “How To Work At Home With A – Family

  1. Hello Dave and thank you for your comment.

    Yes, more and more women are getting involved in online marketing in some form or another.

    A lot of them are single parents as well and I personally have helped dozens of them get a foot on the ladder through tips and advice.

    I believe there will be a steady increase in the number of women who prefer to stay at home but want an income or even just some extra money. I believe they used to call this ‘Pin Money’ in the old days.

    Now though a lot of women, stay at home moms included want a full-time career running their own online business from the comfort of their own home where they are surrounded by familiar things. I think it helps them to relax more so less stress.

    Once they find that perfect balance between work and being a stay at home mom, the sky really is the limit.

    Thank you for reading my article and hope you have a great day and much success with your blogging.


    Robert Allan

  2. Hey Robert,

    You really hit the nail on the head.

    Women are more into online businesses than men. As a blogger, I find myself competing with many women in my niche.

    I think most men want a job they can wear suits every morning and kiss their wives goodbye as they “leave for work”. I was also into that myself till I realized how lucrative this online business can actually get.

    And boy was I lucky to delve into it!

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