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Updated 30th May 2019

#SEO – Some Easy Steps To Get Your Affiliate Marketing Website Ranked On The First Page Of Google Listings

Search Engine Optimization companies are making a fortune by doing the menial work that is overlooked by many website designers. It is ridiculously easy to do most of the work done by most SEO companies.  All you have to do is create good habits.

These are the main points you should focus on:

  • Keywords
  • URL Text
  • Description, Meta tags
  • Title tags
  • ALT tags
  • Heading tags
  • Content
  • Image Names
  • Hyperlinks

The focus of these steps is to load your pages with as many “keywords” as possible.


Keywords are the most important aspect of good SEO, this is where you tell the Search Engines what your site is about. Search Engines use an algorithm to determine the Keyword Density of your site, this formula is:

Total Words ÷ Keywords= Keyword Density

Use this formula on your competitors web site and see how they score, then aim to beat that score.

Choose keywords that best relate to the information, products or services that you are offering. For instance, if I am designing a site about “Work From Home”, I want my site to include the words “Work From Home” as many times as possible.

However, most people don’t just search for just one word, they type phrases, so you should consider the phrases that best suit your sites target market. For example, if I am creating a site about “Work From Home” in London, England, I would include “London work from home” in my keywords.

Another way around this is to not separate keywords with commas, just use spaces, and the Search Engines will make the phrases for you. The most important thing to remember is that the content of each page is different, so only use keywords pertaining to that page.

URL Text

When you name a new page you have the option to call it anything you could possibly think of, why not a keyword? After all, the URL address is the first things a search engine comes across when indexing your pages. You have to remember content doesn’t come easy to everyone, so you got to slip in your keywords when the process gives you an easy one.

Description Meta Tags

These tags are dwindling in importance since Search Engines are now looking at content, but every little bit counts.

Optimize your meta tags to match your content, products, and services, and the Search Engines that still look at meta data will reward your efforts.

Title Tags

Title tags are the tags that tells the Search Engine the title, or formal description of the document or page. This is the word or phrase that is seen at the top of the browser window. The most important rule about title tags is, don’t put anything in the title tags but keywords. Once again this is an easy time to slip in your keywords, so don’t miss out.

ALT Tags

Alt tags are keywords that you can attach to images, giving more weight to the image since Search Engines can’t analyze the content of the image itself. Here is a chance to slip in more keywords without writing great content, use it.

Heading Tags

Heading tags are associated with the bold font that leads into a section of text. Like this:

Work From Home

Wealthy Affiliate offers custom web site design…

Your heading tags should only be keywords, and should be presented in the order that your Meta tags follow.

H1= first meta tag, H2= second meta tag…

Try to utilize all 6 heading tags on each page to ensure maximum page optimization.


As every expert will tell you, “Content is King”. Each web page should have at least 350 words on it, and the more the better, but keep in mind the formula for keyword density. You don’t want to fill a page with 1500 words of gibberish and only 5 keywords in it. Some people get hung-up on how browsers display text, and use images with text in them because they want a cool font, but browsers can’t read the text embedded in images, so this content ads no weight to the page in a Search Engines eyes.

Image Names

As I said before, content doesn’t come easy to everyone, so slip in your keywords whenever possible, this applies to image names. If you are saving a picture of a guy working on a computer for your web design web site, don’t call it “some_guy.jpg”, call it “web_site_design.jpg”. The Search engine will look at the code for the site and see the image is pertinent to the content of the site and this will be another relevant element on that particular page. You have to take the easy ones when you are given a chance.


Hyperlinks are text links to other pages on your site. The rules of SEO and hyperlinks are easy:

  1. Use hyperlinks so the Search Engine will have a text link to follow to the next page
  2. Don’t use one word links, use long link phrases, preferably keyword phrases
  3. Use bullets, or some sort of small image that you can attach an ALT tag to, this will add more importance to the link, and throw in a couple of free keywords for you.

If you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate the above tips and advice are what you need to take on board and put into practice.  Therefore keep all the above aspects in mind when designing your WA sites, and you are sure to have a leg up on the competition.

Please leave a comment below and let me and other visitors to this page know what you think.  Perhaps you have another opinion on what are the best SEO Tactics to employ when designing your website for the search engines.

Robert Allan



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  3. Hi Melinda
    Glad you liked my website and found the information in it helpful to you and your own efforts at working from home.
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  7. Hi Peter
    Thanks for the great comments. To answer your question about keyword density.
    No I don’t believe Google will penalize you for having any more or less than your competitors simply because Google doesn’t recognize individual websites. It takes all websites and decides on the importance of keyword density and their relevance to the content of that site.
    Here is a simply equation to work out your keyword density –
    Total Words ÷ Keywords = Keyword Density.
    It might take you some little time to work it out for each page/post or entire website.
    I Hope I’ve gone some way to give you a satisfactory reply to your questions and please do visit my site again as I do try to update and add to it on a regular basis.
    Robert Allan

  8. Great post Robert. Regarding keyword density, if you try to have a higher keyword density than your competitors do you risk having a keyword penalty from Google?
    Having an article that is natural to read is also important.
    I’d be interested in your opinion.
    Thanks, Peter

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