How To Find SEO Friendly Keywords

#How Do You Find Keywords That Are Search Engine Friendly To Maximize Your Home Business Profits From Your Websites

Wealthy Affiliate is a system/program that has a membership of like-minded individuals that earns an income from the internet.

How To Find SEO Friendly Keywords – Therefore if you’re like me, or you would like to make an income from the internet as an affiliate/internet marketer you should know or get to know the importance of finding great keywords for your Ads/articles/blogs or websites so that the big search engines such as Yahoo/Bing and Google will Index and Rank them high up if not in first place on their pages.

You could have a tried and tested way of finding keywords, but because there are many different ways to find those keywords, in this article I will try my best to outline a few off them.

So, how do you find keywords that are relevant to what you are selling or promoting on your website?


Techniques And Strategies You Can Use To Leverage Keywords In Terms Of Your Website:  Finding Keywords That Are Relevant To Keywords For Your Website

Confused?  It’s because your audience will be looking for keywords, keyword tools and ways to help them in their search engine optimization!


Using Google as a research strategy:  As an example  –  type in the words –  ‘how to find keywords’  –  immediately you see a result of 5 which will probably be close to, if not exactly what you’re looking for.

You take each of these in turn and type them into any of the Keyword Tools you can find or know off on the internet such as Yahoo Answers, Google Adwords, or Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is the paid for keyword tool of Wealthy Affiliate although their free one is just as good, but takes a little bit more work to achieve the same end result.

Its simple to use Jaaxy.  All you do is type in your keyword to search for relevant keywords for your site and it will come up with quite a lot of  keywords you can use.

Jaaxy Walkthrough Video

It’s always best to choose a keyword under 300 QSR (quota search results).  That way the keyword has less competition.

Also if a keyword doesn’t make much sense, don’t discard it out-of-hand because you can always go back and research it later. You never know you could find it might just be the keyword that’s ideal for your site.

Question And Answer Sites

Yahoo Answers

In Yahoo Answers type your keyword into the box ‘Search Y Answers’ and NOT the other one at the top of the screen because if you do that, you will be taken to the main Yahoo search page.

On the next screen you will see what people are asking in respect of the keyword you typed in.

Click on any entry you want to that you think matches what you are actually looking for to see what the answer is.

You can also use this answer using the Alphabet Soup Technique in Google.


The same procedure as used in Yahoo Answers applies here as well.

After you type in your keyword, you click on an answer to get an explanation of the keyword and you can decide to use it or not.

Google Adwords/Keyword Planner

This is a similar keyword tool to Jaaxy.  You type in your keyword and choose what if any options you want and click search.  You will probably be given a long list of results and it s up to you to use a filter to be more exact.

Again just like Jaaxy you tick on the ones you want to save.  Always try not to choose the keywords with the largest number of searches (high competition) It’s much better to choose medium to low results and you can then filter these as well until you find what you’re looking for. A low search number and a great keyword mean most of the searchers will come to your site if your site has been well optimized for SEO.


Use the following tools to initially come up with the keyword concepts:

You will need an account to use Google (you can use your gmail/google+/blogger logins for this) but the other 2 you can use without signing in.  Its free to do so though, and a simple matter to sign up.  It would be best to signup asap if you intend to use them often.

Now I’ve shown you the Alphabet Soup technique and three Keyword Tools you can use you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding great keywords for your site.  If you signup to Wealthy Affiliate you can use Jaaxy for 30 free searches to find keywords for your 2 Free Websites, and as I said previously, Jaaxy has a free keyword tool as well.

Please feel free to leave a comment below and let me and other visitors to this site know what you think of this article about Keyword Tools.  Good or Bad as long as you have an opinion to share that’s all that matters.  Thank you for visiting this site.

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