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Updated June 2018


#Evaluating Keywords For SEO

In search engine optimization (SEO) and the pursuit of getting a good chunk of the market, keywords play an important role. Properly selected keywords as part of your meta tags define the direction of an online campaign. And the company and the organization that can efficiently target the right keywords searched by the target market are the ones that survive in the highly competitive internet market.


This is the reason why major companies have expanded their advertising efforts online in order to tap what the consumers are looking for. But getting the best and the most efficient keywords is not an easy task.


There is a science in selecting the most appropriate keywords and not all keywords and phrases are best used and utilized in an internet marketing campaign. You should be aware of the best ways on how to evaluate the relevancy and the possible effective of the short-listed keywords.


an assessment of your website content

Are your short-listed keywords relevant and related to the actual content of your website? Or will the consumers and internet users find exactly what they are looking for in the website after they have clicked on the provide link? If you say yes to two basic questions, then you are on the right track and you have targeted the right keywords for your campaign.


#Check your keywords for search engine optimization


If a check with the search engines reveals that there are associated adverts to the keywords that you have selected, then it means that the keywords are highly valued in the industry and online. And you are on the right track as well in identifying keywords that can deliver financially.


Another good strategy to use is to purchase a small campaign at Google or Bing or indeed any other of the well known search engines. You can choose specific keywords for your campaign and link these keywords to the most relevant page on your website.


What you should do is to monitor the kind of traffic that specific page is getting. The data that you acquire should be used to come up with estimates as to how effective the keywords are.


For example, if for the past day the webpage received 1,000 impressions or clicks, and of that number 100 actually visited the site, and 1 internet user has converted to sales say $10. Then this means that every visitor attracted to the keyword selected is valued at around $.01. And in order to compare the value of the keywords, test another keyword by using the actual process and theoretically compute for the amount per visitor. The one with the higher valuation is of course the better keyword for your campaign.



These are just basic and rough suggestions on how to value the keywords. There are other advanced ways too, and these are often used by big businesses that truly put all their time and effort on search engine optimization and keyword research. And most of the time, these advanced ways on how to test the value of keywords will come with online tools and software that can be expensive. But the results are helpful of course to the marketers willing to realize the value of their keywords to get a good ranking with the search engines.


Are you using the most relevant keywords for your campaigns?  If you have any doubts at all then perhaps its time you did an evaluation of the keywords you’re using.  It could pay you dividends in the long term.


One of the best ways to find the right keywords for your campaigns is to use a good keyword tool.  Wealthy affiliate members have an excellent one in Jaxxy.  You can access it through this link to WA.


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