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#Working From Home SEO – Important Steps You Should Take Regarding Keywords

Search Engine Optimization Tactics Before You Launch Your Affiliate Website

Ok, you think you have a great website ready to go. You have a good theme and you have picked your keywords. You’re probably thinking that now you can submit your website to the search engines.  You are sitting back and want to see how many visitors the search engines will send you, right?  But did you get your work from home SEO spot on?

Work From Home – SEO – There are many different ways you can use to drive traffic to your website.  But they should only be taken after you make the search engines your first priority. Your website should always be search engine friendly.  Then they will always send you a certain amount of traffic if you have been ranked high enough.

It is important that your website is set up for a high page rank in the search engines.  It’s equally important to do it before you submit your website for the first time.

Work From Home - SEO
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Usually, after you submit your website to the search engines for the first time. The big search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing ‘Spiders’ will visit your website quite quickly.  Hopefully your website will be listed on one of their top pages.

Be aware that unless your website is search engine friendly there’s a good chance your website may not get ‘spidered’ again for months. Therefore any changes you make after you have submitted your website might not take effect for quite a while. Worst case scenario. You might not see your website in the SERPs for a very long time.

Meta Tags To Use For SEO

Here are the basics of setting up your website to be search engine friendly

Your first step is to establish the main keyword for your website. This is the word or phrase that you want people to type into the search engines to find your website. Therefore it’s important to have your website focused around this main keyword.

Let’s say your websitekeywords for seo is dedicated to working from home, so we will use ‘working from home’ as the main keyword.

Your next step is to create a title for your website and to place your main keyword in the title tag of your website. The ‘Title Tag’ should be the first tag in the HEADING of your website. This is important because many search engines use the contents of the ‘Title Tag’ as the title of the listing. They also look for keywords in the title and your main keyword should be the first word(s) in the title.

It’s also a good idea to keep your title short.  Say between 40 and 50 characters long.  It should ideally begin with your main keyword. It’s also a good idea not to use Stop Words (and, but, or, for, with, etc) in the title (much better to use a dash or pipe).

Ok we have our main keyword, now to put it in our title:

Working From Home – Self Employment – Home Workers Wanted

Notice the main keyword is first, the title is bang on 45 characters long, there are no stop words.  I even managed to sneak in 2 secondary keywords – self employment and home workers wanted. Pretty damn clever even if I say so myself.

main tags for website content seo

Your next step is going to be to create meta tag keywords (the word meta means – ‘information about’). This is where you list all the keywords you want to use for your website starting with your main keyword. It’s a good idea not to use too many keywords though. About 20 should be enough and you should have your main keyword in about 50% of them.

Using the example keyword ‘working from home’ the keywords could be;

working from home, self employed from home, home workers wanted, working at home, working from home self employed, self employed home workers, etc.

Notice I didn’t use the main keyword ‘working from home’ twice in a row. If I had that could easily be seen by the search engines as spam and that would hurt your ranking.

Getting Your Meta Description Tag Right

Your next step is to create a description meta tag. This is where you describe your website. You should always begin this with your main keyword as well.

meta tag for short short description of site content

Keep your description as short as you can.  Make it relevant to what’s contained within your website. Also try not to use any stop words, but you can put in as many secondary keywords that you can think of.

Try and make your description as interesting as you can.  Search engines often use the contents in your description meta tag as the description of your website in the listings.

Your next step is to use your keywords as often as you can in the body of your website content. Always make sure your main keyword is somewhere in the beginning and at the end of the body of your page.

It’s also a good idea to use your main keyword in an H1 tag in your title.  You can put in a few of your secondary keywords in an H2 tag thereafter. This will tell the search engines that you have put some importance on your keywords.

When you do use your keyword throughout your content it’s a good idea to underline your main keyword no more than once. Also only use bold text for your main keyword no more than once as well.

Work From Home Opportunity To Earn And Income From The Internet

Although there are many factors that determine your position in the search engines.  When you have the basics of what search engines are looking for within your website .  It will give you a much better chance of making the first page and have a consistent flow of traffic to your website.

Now that you have a good idea what’s required for websites to get ranked by the search engines.  Would you like to work from home self-employed?  If so why not sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and get two free websites to get you started. It’s free to sign up so why not. You have nothing to lose.

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