Two Things Important As Keywords In Modern SEO


Since the starting of the time keywords is a crucial term always seen coiled with SEO. Even to this very day, most SEO firms are giving great importance to keywords. The case is no different among business owners, who always have questions to ask about keywords. However, the time has changed so does the critical strategies in SEO. Today top SEO agencies in Singapore will give two more terms as necessary as the keyword.


CTR or click-through rate is an important thing the new SEO experts always care about. The CTR of a website is based on the number of people who visit a particular page. Google algorithm is known to consider CTR as an essential aspect when ranking is done. So it is vital to increase the CTR of a page to rank it better. Increasing CTR is not just about stuffing keywords, but making the content engaging and of high quality.


Another critical thing Google consider today are backlinks. The backlinks need to be of exceptional quality and should come from useful websites. Creating backlinks is an essential part of modern SEO practices. There are different things done to create these links, and it is more important than finding tons of keywords.