Ways To Keep Visitors Coming Back To Your Affiliate Website

#5 Ways To Keep Visitors Coming Back To Your Affiliate Website

16th August 2015

If you run your own online business from home then a lot of the success of your websites depends on returning visitors account for a major part of their traffic. Returning visitors are easier to convert into paying customers because the more often they return to a site, the more trust they have in that site. The credibility issue just melts away. Hence, keep your visitors coming back to your site with the following methods:

1) Start A Forum, Chatroom Or Shoutbox For Discussion On Your Products

provide visitors with a place to voice their opinions

When you start a forum, chatroom or shoutbox, you are providing your visitors a place to voice their opinions and interact with their peers — all of them are visitors of your site. As conversations build up, a sense of community will also follow and your visitors will come back to your site almost religiously every day.

2) Start A Web Blog To Post Fresh News Build Up Your Credibility

bloggin as a means to update potential buyers

Keep an online journal or more commonly known as a blog, on your site and keep it updated with latest news about yourself. Human beings are curious creatures and they will keep their eyes glued to the monitor if you post fresh news frequently. You will also build up your credibility as you are proving to them that there is also a real life person behind the website.

3) Carry Out Polls Or Surveys To Get Feedback On Your Products

conduct a poll or survey of your site visitors for their reaction to what they think of your site

Polls and surveys are other forms of interaction that you should definitely consider adding to your site. They provide a quick way for visitors to voice their opinions and to get involved in your website. Be sure to publish polls or surveys that are strongly relevant to the target market of your website to keep them interested to find out about the results.

4) Hold Puzzles, Quizzes And Games On Your Business Site To Keep Visitors Interested And Continually Coming Back

quizzes and surveys are always a good idea to get visitor reaction and get them to return for results

Just imagine how many office workers procrastinate at work every day, and you will be able to gauge how many people will keep visiting your site if you provide a very interesting or addicting way of entertainment. Learning how to create a regular quiz with a free eBook as a prize will get your visitors attention like nothing else will. You can also hold competitions to award the high score winner to keep people trying continuously to earn the prize.

5) Update Frequently With Fresh Content

fresh up to date content is always going to be best seo practice

Update your site frequently with fresh content so that every time your visitors come back, they will have something to read on your site. This is the most widely known and most effective method of attracting returning visitors, but this is also the least carried out one because of the laziness of webmasters. No one will want to browse a site that looks the same over ten years, or even over one year so keep your site updated with fresh info bites! For those of you who don’t know, this is also best practice search engine ranking results.

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A few years ago I was in your shoes.  I wanted to work from home but didn’t have the faintest idea how to get started.  In my ignorance I also fell foul of all those so called experts who tell you they have the very latest system, program and 100% sure-fire method of making an absolute fortune for doing virtually nothing.  They tell you that you only have to do this simple thing or that one and low and behold the money starts to flood into your bank account.

Oh well these where the bad old days and I learned my lessons the hard way and lost most of the money I had saved up for a rainy day into the bargain. 

Internet Marketing For Beginners

get your start in affiliate marketing

But last year an old friend who had emigrated on a one-way ticket came back home to visit family and we met up for a couple of beers and he told me what he now did for a living.  To cut a long story short he told me he was in Internet Marketing and doing very very well indeed.  He could do what he wanted.  Go where he wanted and do all the things he had always dreamed about doing but never had the money.  A dream we must all have had at some time in our lives, right?

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a fantastic opportunity to make money online from home

I have to say it wasn’t what I expected but my friend had told me quite a lot about it so I put my doubts to the back of my mind and researched a bit deeper and came to the conclusion that this was indeed a great way to earn an income from the internet.

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hard work never killed anyone - so work hard to succeed

Of course I had to work for my success but if anything’s worth having it does take a bit of work, effort and commitment and I was never one to shy away from hard work.  There’s also all the training, help and support you will ever need.

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hard work will pay off with success

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