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I Willing To Wager That After You Have Written Something You Always Think To Yourself  –  Have I Said Enough To Hold A Readers Interest?

Of course you have to say the right thing to whoever is going to read what you’ve written. But how do you know you’ve actually done that?

Well help is at hand because I have discovered a fantastic tool that will analyse the content of your website or review or any article and you will be able to see at a glance if indeed you have written something to hold the readers attention and want them to read more!

FREE Text Analysis Tool

This article is about a website which gives you access to a great free text analysis tool, this will be very useful for Wealthy Affiliate members or anyone else who visits this site with websites of their own who are involved in the internet marketing game or who optimizes their website for search engine rankings.

This tool really does the job when it comes to analyzing either all the text on a website or just a certain portion of your choice. It will give you all sorts of great information about the keywords used in any website.

When you first access the tool you can either paste in a certain portion of text into the designated area. You can also enter the URL of an individual Post/Page or the URL of the whole website you would like to have analyzed.

Then you can choose what analysis options you would like to perform. Such as the minimum characters per word, whether you would like it to ignore numbers etc. After you chose your options then you simply click analyze the text, which returns a complete, and very detailed analysis.

At the very top of your analysis it shows some basic text information:

  1.  the total word count
  2. number of different words used
  3. sentence count
  4. a readability index ranging from easy to hard

That last little function comes in handy, because you definitely want the text of your page to be easy for the viewer to read.

The next and perhaps most important feature, shows you the occurrences and frequency at which the top keywords for your page show up. It ranks them from the number one word to whichever number you would like it to stop at.

(that is set at the options you chose before you analyzed the text)

This particular feature is very good for SEO seeing as that it lists the top words on a site and the density/frequency of which they appear. So an example of how this might help would be if you were targeting to have a certain keyword density for a particular keyword on your site. This enables you to figure out whether to add more or less of that word to meet the density at which is required for the search engines to list you for that keyword.

Not only does this tell you your top ranking keywords it tells you the top word phrases, ranging from 2 word to 5 word phrases. It gives the count of how many times that phrase was used and also shows the frequency compared to the rest of the text on the Website/Page/Post.

Anyone who is in the internet marketing field especially marketers who optimize their websites for search engine traffic can make great use of this free tool. I personally find great use in this tool for the process of my keyword research, which is essential for any search engine optimization campaign.

Please make full use of this little tool for your Wealthy Affiliate sites as I’m sure it will pay you dividends, which of course will result in more sales/referrals for you. Also please leave a comment and let me know how you get on with it and I’m sure other visitors to this site will be interested as well.

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