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Work At Home Scams Exposed

Working at home is very popular. As with anything that is popular there are people out there who like to try to scam those looking for work at home jobs

how to avoid scams in onlineScams can sometimes be hard to recognize.  But if a person knows what to look for they can raise their chances of not being caught in a work at home scam. A popular way to get taken by a scam work at home company is when they ask a person to pay them money.

What Is A Scam And How To

Spot A Work At Home Scam And What You Can Do To Avoid Them – The first sign that a work at home opportunity maybe a scam is that the company asks for money up front. This is also something that can be confusing because some legitimate companies ask for money too.

The main rule abut paying money is that if the job was not work at home would it be reasonable to pay money up front to work with this company. If it is a job where the person is required to keep an inventory of products then it is reasonable to pay something upfront for the inventory. However, if the payment is for administrative fees that is a red flag.

A work at home job is like any other job. Nobody would pay a company to process their employment papers.  Don’t you think it would be unreasonable for a work at home company to request payment for this purpose?  Of course it would so stay well away from such companies.

Scams In Online Jobs

What usually happens when a company is running a scam by asking for money up front is that the hopeful work atincome at home scam home employee loses their money and gets no real job in return. Many scam companies try to use the trick that they will refund the money after a person has worked for them for so long. Once a person pays the money and begins working for the company they learn there really is no refund.

In these cases the work at home employee usually also finds out the job duties are completely different from what they were originally told. The whole concept is the scam company makes their main income off potential work at home employees, not through a real business.

Almost any good reference on working at home will mention not to ever pay money for a work at home job. It may seem like common sense, but can be confusing for someone who is new to the work at home industry. Many of these scams seem real and also come across as a way to make big money fast. This type of money scam is the biggest of all work at home scams. 

However the person who wants to make easy money and get rich quick must take some of the blame.  Therefore be aware of…

The Get Rich Quick Mentality – How To Make Easy Money

Building any kind of business takes time, money, energy andget rich quick is a focus. Internet businesses are no different than a traditional brick and mortar business, except for the fact that they can cost substantially less to get started. There are even some great start-ups that cost nothing.  That’s why they are so attractive to a lot of people.

For whatever reason however, the internet is filled with how to make fast money schemes, and make money for free scams.  Although many are not schemes or scams, they just don’t work. With that said, there is a whole segment of internet entrepreneurs that want to make as much money as they can, as fast as they can.

If you haven’t already been aware of it, the get rich quick mentality is rampant on the internet, and it’s getting worse everyday. There is a vicious cycle that just seems to perpetuate itself and I’m not sure which came first, the hucksters or the prospectors.

In other words, the people selling get rich quick and easy money or the people searching for them. It seems as though there are opportunity seekers out there who are asking to be scammed.

What has perpetuated this kind of thinking is a lack of vision in the internet business person. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are involved in, you have to take the time to do the necessary work to make your business successful.

Sure, lots of people are able to make decent sums of money rather quickly on the net, but these kinds of businesses won’t last. In a few months, many of the people that are getting rich quick today, will be on to something else.  This is simply because they were only able to make money for a limited amount of time with their latest deal.

Is Home Based Business A Scam

Wouldn’t you rather have a home based business that wasn’t a scam?  Wouldn’t you rather this business was one you how to make money in the internetcould build on, that you can grow and that will last for a long time.  A good and legitimate home business will produce income for years for your financial security  and your family’s instead of having to rebuild your income every year?

This is the most important point I’m making in this article – You absolutely must take the time to build your business correctly on the net or you will never make a substantial amount of money in the long term.  Be assured you will make very little money, if any at all with a scam.

The opportunities on the net are limitless and more and more people are shopping online every year.  You really can make great money as an affiliate marketer.

However, you can’t just throw up a few pages of meaningless content and expect to get ranked with the search engines.  If this is your mentality you will never start making huge amounts of money, even though there is a lot to be made.

Anyone with a brick and mortar business will tell you that they hardly show any profit in the first year and even into the second year in their business. So how does this timetable translate for an internet business you run from home?

Some people think they are going to put up a website or a blog and start making money in a month or maybe a few weeks. I’m sorry to tell you, that just isn’t going to happen. Depending on the kind of business you are focusing on expect to put in 6 months to 1 year of  work before you see any substantial results from your online venture.

Also, you need to become a student of your business and internet marketing in general to make sure your business succeeds.

How Is Make Money From The Internet

There are people who want to be in business for themselves on the net.  However from somewhere they get the idea that all the information they need to get started should be free.

They are afraid to spend a dime to learn the correct way to build a web business or they want someone to do all the work for them by giving them unlimited free advice. They actually want to know how to make money from the internet for free

There are many ways to make some money from the internet without having to pay anything.  But as the first half of my article explains, these will ultimately be scams and the money you do make will very little.

You will have a profitable net business only if you invest in it with your time, money for the necessary tools, work and education. There are thousands of get rich quick deals out there clogging up search engines waiting to take people’s money.

Do yourself and the rest of us a favour, don’t add another one to the mix. Start a real business on the net, instead of just trying to get rich quick.

How To Make Money From The Internet

So the best way to start to make money on the internet is to find work home jobs that are not scams if its only a job you can work at from home.  There are an abundance of those, and there are lots of reputable work from home websites that you can try.

If its a home business you’re interested in then you must sign up to a proven system or program.  You need mentoring by experts, people who have already been where you are now and achieved success.  You need to be shown how to build a website.  You need to be shown how to market, and much more.

If you do want your own online business you can run from home then I can point you in the right direction.  It will cost nothing to sign up and its free for a full seven days.  Youare then offered the one and only upgrade. 

how to work at home withFor that seven days you will have access to all that you need and you will even be given two websites for nothing and shown how to get them up and running.

As I said you will be offered an upgrade to continue with the training.  You can however decline the offer and stay as a free member.  Of course the access to the training is limited as are other functions of the program. 

Taking the upgrade you will get a great discount and the first month is only $19.  An absolute steal when you know what you will have access to.

Follow this link to a web page and read all about what’s on offer.  After that you can decide if you have got what it takes to be an online business owner with a home based business.

If you do decide to join then make sure you get in touch on the inside and I and nearly a million other members will help you all we can.

Perhaps before you browse that other web page you can spare a couple of minutes to leave a comment below.  I am always interested in what my readers have to say about my articles and enjoy the feedback.  I will reply.

To your  online success folks.


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4 thoughts on “What Is A Scam

  1. Hello Mike and thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment.
    Yes internet marketing or even just working online with an at home job can be quite a daunting thing to take on but the rewards are well worth you taking the time to learn as much as you can.
    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you are in the right place to get the training and guidance you need to achieve your goal of earning an income from the internet at home.
    Lots to learn as you are aware off but with nearly a million members to call on for help there is no reason why you cannot achieve all that you set out to achieve.
    Please do visit my site again because as you say there is a huge amount of very good information that you can use for your own online efforts.
    You can also get in touch with me within the wealthy affiliate program itself.
    Thank you again for your comment and have a great day.
    Onwards and Upwards to your online success.
    Robert Allan
    I do have another website with lots of great information as well.
    You can access it through this link –

  2. hi

    Hi Robert, I have been looking through your website. I have had to bookmark it so that I can keep coming back as there is so much information, and it makes me realize how much there is to learn to be successful.
    Many thanks, Mike.


  3. Hi Warren and thank you for coming back to my site and leaving another comment.

    Much appreciate it when people take the time to do this

    My article  –  ‘What Is A Scam’ was born out of a question I was asked  by a fellow member of the online training platform I am a member of (Wealthy Affiliate).

    Question:  “How Do I Know If An Online Job Or Business Opportunity Is A Scam?”

    Because there are so many scams on the internet now it can be quite difficult to separate the genuine offers or opportunities from the false ones.

    I personally have always without exception stayed well clear of anyone or any company who asks me for money upfront.

    Ok you might think that it takes money to make money, but you should be able to see proof of this with a free trial period.  In my experience there isn’t a scam on the planet that does this.

    As you say there are a lot of snakes out there.  Thing is Warren the ones to watch out for have legs and they are all dangerous when it comes to your bank account.

    Thank you once again for your comment.

    Have a great and successful day.


    Robert Allan

  4. Robert, you are absolutely right in that working from home is just like working a traditional job and if someone asks for money up front for administrative purposes or, my favorite, to set up you account, then you need to step away from the computer, go outside, and take a deep breath of fresh air. As long as there are desperate people wanting to find an alternative to the 9-5, there will be the hucksters. Thanks for the great reminder of the snakes out there.

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