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When Do You Decide NOW IS THE TIME To Be My Own Boss And Work From Home?

I worked for my government for over 20 years. I would work long hours and spend a couple of hours every day travelling to and from work. I used to think what am I doing.  I have some great work from home ideas I could be working for myself and making money for ME and not for someone else!

In this job used to make millions for the government when I worked for them.  And through this work I learnt a lot which I now use to make money for myself.

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When do you decide enough is enough?  When do you get fed up with commuting backwards and forwards when you could work from HOME in your own business. If you worked from home your workdays would be shorter because you wouldn’t need to travel very far, just from one room to another.

Home Businesses That Really Work With Work From Home Ideas

Working from home can be small business work home difficult but if you do what I do and have a room setup as an office.  This will mean when you are in there working it is your place of work. Sure the kids can still come in and get you or you could step out to make a coffee and a snack. But the beauty of working from home is that you are there on the spot.  You can manage your day as to how much time you are willing to put into your business. You can have a home business that really works.

You are your own boss and can take time off whenever you want.  Have a vacation whenever you want.  Go shopping any time of the day.  Or just have a beer with your pals down at the local bar.  The day is yours is what I’m saying people.

Work From Home Based Business Opportunity

Many people like me start their home business before they quit their full-time job.  Which I have to say is a very good way to do it. We all need money from one source or another.

When I found the Wealthy Affiliate (check out the page here) I was so glad because it is such a great work from home opportunity with equally great work from home ideas you learn about with the lessons and training. It allows you to start either slowly or rapidly, your choice. There is the great Getting Started Lessons and the affiliate training program as well as the bootcamp.  You will learn everything you need to know about successfully building your own internet business.

work from home ideas and opportunities with wealthy affiliate

You better believe I made the right decision to work from home. You see when working from home and on your own schedule you are your own boss and creator of your destiny. Don’t get me wrong I’m no slouch I work very hard at working with my business to be successful. Just because you work for yourself doesn’t mean that it is easier. Sure it is less stressful as there is no one on your back to get things done within a certain time frame.  But I am on my own back to get things done just the same, I set goals.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today – Start You Own Home Based Business

It is important when you work from HOME for yourself that you do start of with work from home ideas and you have goals to make them a reality.  It is so easy to fall into the I cant be bothered doing anything today mode. If you have a great idea and work from home for yourself you need to keep focused and motivated so that idea gives you an income.  As the saying goes keep on keeping going.

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I think everyone knows when they want to work from home and be their own boss. The time comes when you think that’s it no more!!!  Then and only then will you be committed at building your business. Remember you can start building your business slowly.  When you are earning enough to cover what you are earning in your job then you can say see ya later. I’m of to work my own home business.

be my own boss and work from home

You will know when the time is right for you.  I hope you are not like me though and think about it for ages before you take the plunge. I only wished I had done it sooner.

Good luck in whatever home business you decide to do.

Work From Home Business

If you want a great kick start to having your own home based business you could do a lot worse than take a look at that online company I mentioned above.  No pressure, it’s entirely up to you if you want to be your own boss badly enough.

Here’s to seeing you on the inside and thank you for reading my article.

Robert Allan

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