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Work From Home Opportunities For The Work From Home Opportunities For The MassesMasses – A common theme in the many get-rich-quick home business programs that are currently available is the emphasis on the lack of effort required by the masses to make a substantial income online.

I am a logical person by nature and as such I tend to attempt to apply logic to most things. However it absolutely astounds me that so many people believe that they can work from home. They believe that all they have to do is type a few words on their computer each day and then the money will just come flowing in.

This is mainly because the promoters claims are that all the hard work has been done for you. Everything is said to be automated and simple. All you have to do is to pay a fee to have access to these incredible money making systems. Reverse Funnel System, Road Map to Riches, Passport to Wealth, blah, blah, blah. I say, total crap!

With that said, it would be logical to conclude that large amounts of money CAN be made with a home based internet business.  I say this because I do indeed make great money from home with my own home business website.

Millions of other people like myself do a lot of shopping online. Therefore it follows that other people are making money from marketing to the masses!

But I don’t believe that the “lots of money” can typically be made in the no effort, get-rich-quick manner.  Any degree of success WILL take education, direction and good mentoring along with a significant effort in the application of what you have been taught.  I can also say this because that’s how I got to where I am today.

Most work from home internet businesses fail primarily because the objective is to market and sell.  The business owner is usually clueless about even the basic fundamentals required to do that effectively and successfully. There is a LOT more to internet marketing than posting as many classifieds as possible and spam eMailing.

Work Home Jobs That Are Not Scams

Now, paying to be EDUCATED is an entirely different prospect to that of paying for a proclaimed money making system which if it fails you have no remedial options to explore because you are not equipped.

work home opportunities

More of my logic – if something – anything – is not working, it must be changed. To make change you must, ideally, have one or two alternative approaches and be skilled in deciding which to use depending upon circumstances.

Now why would one think that the same disciplines do not apply to a home based internet business? Because of the luring advertised guarantee and promise of success?

how to make money at home forI already worked from home in my old 9 to 5 ‘Normal’ job but as my employers goal for me didn’t match mine I took early retirement.  It was then that I decided to explore feasible work at home income opportunities.

I was taken aback by the sheer volume of offerings and researching as many as possible of these.  My own searching online using such keyword terms as “home business scam” and “work from home job scam” helped me with the discrediting and eliminating process.

My search for scam free jobs or and business opportunities continued in a tenacious manner until I stumbled across the Wealthy Affiliate University Program System.

My first impression was another pay to get-rich-quick promise. But digging deeper, and after reading about what was on offer it became apparent that this was different from the rest of those so called Get Rich Schemes.

how to make money from homeThe emphasis was on equipping yourself with education that could and should be used in ANY internet business venture. The founders had painstakingly compiled a full suite of tutorials that cover a wide variety of facets of the internet marketing working from home online business.

The promotional material included all my search terms for alternative approaches, I thought. It is sourced by seasoned professionals and in my opinion is the true value of the inevitable business investment.

I could exploit the provided income streams and with confidence pursue others independently to grow my business. Somewhat like those that have been to college and pursued marketing as a career.

How To Find And Start A Home Business

Despite my natural tendency to apply logic, I amhow to work at home jobs also a huge advocate of the old saying “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”.

At minimum I had the resources to learn how to start, manage and grow my business. Also, what is fulfilling is my Wealthy Affiliate membership gives me access to almost a million other people all over the world.  I can get instant answers to any question I have, day or night.

I have never ever been left alone to get on with it, and this is what people need.  They have to have this access to sound advice and be pointed in the right direction. With Wealthy Affiliate Membership I can certainly vouch for that. 

Wealthy Affiliate and the membership has NEVER failed to respond to any contact I have initiated. This contact is available 247, 365 days a year.

But I know you are probably just work home network marketing opportunityas sceptical as I was when I first found the program.  Therefore I’m asking you to go to this web page and read for yourself.  There’s a Menu at the top of the page.  The pages will tell you all you want and need to know how to start a home business and be successful. 

You can then sign up and get started building your own home business that you CAN run from home or from anywhere you can access the internet.  With wireless technology that’s virtually anywhere on the planet these days folks.

Free Work Home Opportunities

There are a lot of work at home jobs and business opportunities out there that you will be asked for a big deposit.

If you do your due diligence and research I know from first hand experience that you WILL find work from home jobs for the:



Stay At Home Moms

Single Parents

But for these same groups of people you will find not only jobs but legitimate work from home opportunities for free. In fact for just about anyone who would love to have a work from home business that they could earn a decent income from.  All it takes is dedication and commitment from you to achieve your goal.

The one thing that I haven’t mentioned about the company I’m with is, that its totally free to join.  Of course there is an upgrade after seven days but you can stay as a free member for as long as you like.

So if you do want to work best small business startfrom home with your own business/job.  You don’t know where to get a start. I strongly suggest you get over to that web page folks and you wont be disappointed.

Here’s hoping we will meet up again inside and I will help you all I can, just get in touch. Meanwhile if you can spare a couple of minutes you can leave a comment below. I will reply.

Have a great day and an ever greater day tomorrow and many tomorrow’s after that as a home business owner. Get Started Today!

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4 thoughts on “Work From Home Opportunities For The Masses

  1. Hello Vesna and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my article – Work From Home Opportunities For The Masses.

    Yes there are countless opportunities out there for jobs you can do from home as well as opportunities for starting an online business from home.

    Unfortunately there are also scams without number and most people will have fallen foul of at least one ‘Too Good To Be True’ opportunity.

    If you are like myself I put it down to experience and move on and of course try to avoid them in future.

    With any work from home opportunity you do have to start of slow.

    You really should set yourself short term goals and achieve those one by one until you reach your ultimate goal.

    This will all take time but reaching those short term goals should be a learning experience so that by the time you do reach your final goal of earning an income from the internet you should be able to continue doing so for many years to come.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn how to start up a work at home business and the step by step training will enable you to have eventual success.

    The training will also enable anyone to find and work at a work from home job if the prospect of an online business seems to be too much.

    A lot of members joined because they wanted a work at home job then during the training they came to the conclusion that a business was within their reach and all it would take would be dedication and commitment to achieve that goal.

    Perhaps you are the same but if not I wish you success in whatever you have decided to do.

    Thank you once again for visiting my site and please come again.

    have a great day wherever you are in the world and be successful.


    Robert Allan

  2. Hello Robert,

    I totally agree with your points regarding Home business opportunities, scams, education etc. It’s true that there are various easy money opportunities on internet, promising wealth without any work or effort. What my logic sais, is: “If something is too good to be true – than, it isn’t.”

    I firmly believe that If you want to be successful, have to work hard on your goals. You should start learning first and than applying your knowledge and skills in your job. It’s not easy and needs time.
    Regarding your business proposal – sounds good to me.

  3. Hello Warren and welcome back.  I recall you commented on another article of mine some days ago.

    With so many people worldwide wanting to work from home is it any wonder there are so many other people catering to this phenomenon?

    Of course a lot of them are con artists just out to fleece them so sometimes unless you do your due diligence you will be scammed.

    However there are websites like mine who give all the information that anyone needs to get started.  I also actually tell it how it is with no fluff.

    This is simply because that there are a lot of people who think all they have to do is have a website with a few Ads and that’s all the work they need to do.

    This of course is far from the truth.

    Just like any off line job you have to learn the basics and the training has to be an ongoing part of that.

    With Wealthy Affiliate there are 10 Getting Started Lessons and those will actually Get You Started with your own website.

    Then its up to the individual to build out the website and put their Ads/Banners and other links on it.  Then when  people who come to their site they will be able to go to the vendor or merchants site for a full review of their products.

    They can of course have their own product but don’t have the knowledge to promote or sell it.

    Again wealthy affiliate training will teach them how to do that.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great program to get the education you need to be a success.

    I know this and so do almost a million other members.

    The highest percentage of them are easily making good money every single week and its all down to that training.

    Thank you again for visiting my site and yes I ask you to please come back again as I update it every week.

    Have a great day and be successful.


    Robert Allan

  4. All great points, Robert. You touched on groups of people for whom, to me, work at home is a natural. That is the people who Can’t work from home – the disabled, the retired, etc, Anyone with a burning desire to learn and who will put in the time can succeed working from home. Lastly, you are absolutely right. This is about education, not some off the shelf money making program. Thanks for the good info.

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