Blogging To Generate Leads

Using Blogging To Generate Leads & Increase Profits

Blogging is not just about content, publishing posts and hoping for the best. Done well it can be a powerful tool to generate you an income from the internet.

Here are the steps and insights into generating leads with blogging for your internet business.

Let’s Start At The Beginning.

Business blogging is an inbound marketing tactic used to generate leads. The lead could be defined as a person who is filling out a form to get in touch with an expert or to require a service. On the other hand, the lead could be a user who is signing up to try a product or service for free for a limited period.

How Does Blogging Support Your Business Objectives?

Business blogging is a marketing tactic you can use to increase the online visibility of your website promotions. This tactic involves using a blog to inform people about the your online activity regarding the product(s) you are promoting on it. It is meant to educate, inform and it also needs a persuasive component too. To become visible on the internet, you need to provide content to let people know that you have something valuable to offer to them.

blogging is a marketing tactic you can use to increase presence

The Benefits Of Blogging For Your Online Business

#1. Driving Traffic To Your Website

The ultimate goal of your blogs is to generate great quality leads. This process involves driving traffic to the website’s landing pages (e.g.: contact page, sign up page) using inbound marketing tactics.increase traffic to your site with quality

To get traffic to your website you need to appear in the search results, right? In order to get that, your website’s pages have to be indexed by Google and other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. But how much content can you include in a website? Besides your homepage, pricing page, contact page, and an About You page you don’t have too many options. The blog is the only solution to provide to search engines to get indexed. Therefore, you need to create enough fresh quality content, and post  it on a regular basis on the website, and to convince people to share it.

To understand how people get to your website, I’ll sum up the ways visitors arrive on your website:search methods

  • Direct searches: Users typed the exact name of your product or brand in the search bar
  • Paid searches: Your traffic has been exposed to Ads, either on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon and YouTube etc etc
  • organic versus paid search
  • Organic searches: Traffic arrived on your website because your website page’s content got indexed by Google ahead of your competitors

To become relevant for Google, you need to become relevant for your website’s visitors. Direct traffic is the most valuable for a website, but it requires having a strong content strategy. Every new blog you create is a chance to get indexed by the search engines, and so increase the organic traffic and make people aware of what your site’s offering.

#2. Reducing the amount of website content when required

Besides your blog, there are other marketing methods that can help your website get noticed on the internet: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc. Once again, you need quality content. Imagine how much effort you would need to invest into creating content for each marketing method.

get noticed by social media sites

Your blog helps with reducing the quantity of content required to get noticed on the internet and also allows creating targeted content for the social media traffic. Moreover it insures that people are exposed to a unique, committed message about what’s on offer on your website’s.

You have to see your blogging as your way to tell a story. Like other regular bloggers who are writing about their passions, your blogs to let people know what they do, like and expect from this world.

#3. How To Generates quality leads

It would be a pity to use the blog just to drive traffic to your website because it can actually allow you to do much more than this. Once people get to your blog, they can do two things:lead generation - blogging tactic

  1. Take one piece of content away with them
  2. Take one piece of content and request more

It’s in your control if they will leave or stay. To convince them to request more, you need to offer more. That’s why it’s a good idea to say that you are offering a free ebook.  This could be enough of an incentive to grow an email list. I guessing that you don’t just want to put in a lot of hard work creating quality content to drive visitors to your blog and then let them leave once they have finished reading it.

Let’s see the exact steps to generate quality leads with blogging:blog to get visitors to your website and generate quality leads for your home business

  • Visitors come to the blog and read its content
  • Visitors see a Call to Action with an offer (free ebook)
  • Visitors click the Call to Action and arrive on a landing page (download the ebook, register or signup to whatever you’re promoting)
  • Visitors fill out a form to get the offer

Use your blog not only to drive visitors to your website, but also to generate quality leads for your online business. As I’ve mentioned before, the blog has to support  business objectives.

#4. Long term goals by creating authority

Your blogs becomes a valuable asset only if they deliver high-quality, relevant and targeted content. Your blog should be playing the following roles:

Awareness – your blogs content is making people aware of a problem or opportunity

Interest – your blogs content is making people interested into solving their problem

Desire – your blogs content encourages people to give a name to their problem and raises the desire to solve it. (you do this with Call to Action)

Action – the blogs content encourages people to solve their problem with your product(s) or service(s)

create an authority blog for your website

As you see, blogging for your online business requires you to have commitment and consistency. It’s a never ending task because its role is to drive to continuous growth. Traffic, leads, brand awareness and authority are the major four outcomes of blogging when done right.

Why Does Your Blog Need Optimization?

As I’ve mentioned above, the goal of your blog is to drive people who want to solve their problem with your product(s) or service(s) on the website.

But writing content is not effective if it is not integrated with a good ‘Call to Action’. You will be wasting all that traffic and those visitors you have been working so hard to get and keep.

Remember that people who have identified a problem after they have read your blog will want to learn more.give a clue in your blog you have the solution to a problem within your site

Two things you have to do:

  • Offer them more, otherwise you’ll see them go to your competitors to get information about the problem and purchase their products instead of yours.
  • Optimize your blogs design for conversions. Optimization involves adjusting your website to achieve your goals. Website optimization has to be sustained by good quality content marketing, email marketing and landing page optimization efforts to give results.

4 Step Process To Generate Quality Leads With A Blog

Optimization techniques help with adjusting your blogs to achieve the blogs goal.  That is of course to generate quality leads for your business. In order to achieve that, you should focus on the conversion funnel.

Generating leads with blogging is a continuous process and requires taking one step at a time. Therefore, I have included these four steps:

uae email marketing with a website opt-in feature

  1. Measurement – analyze data, set up goals and target metrics to see how you do against your objectives now and where you want to get.
  2. Listen to the customer’s voice – Google Analytics is telling you what’s happening on the website. To find out why, you need to use surveys.
  3. Grow the email list – you’ll find out the exact steps you need to take to get email subscribers. This post will also show how to test CTAs and landing pages and use advanced techniques to get more subscribers.
  4. Convert subscribers into leads for business – learn how to use email marketing tactics and landing pages to increase the number of blogging conversions

have a good call to action to gain maximum sharing of your site content

These being said, I hope this article will help you to have a clear, informed idea about what you need to do to get sales/commissions/referrals from your blogging and become a successful internet marketer.

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Please leave a comment below if you have any opinions on this article and indeed on any of the content of this website.  I will reply to all comments personally.

Thank you for reading this far.

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